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Low Cost Prostate Cancer Surgery In India Stands Quality For Global Patients


Before we talk about the Low cost Prostate cancer surgery in India, we need to understand about the treatment and the required details about the same. Well, we know prostate is a body part found among the males that remain close to the lungs. It has its own role to play but when the patient is met with the dreaded ailments…


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Excellence, Innovation, and Research in Liver Transplantation by Dr. Ramdip Ray to Improve Quality of Life and Longevity


Liver transplantation is a surgery to update the liver in a patient who has end-degree (critical) liver disorder or liver failure with a few or all of a healthy liver from another person. In adults, the maximum common conditions that can lead to liver transplantation include of hepatitis C, hepatitis B, alcoholic liver disease,…


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Dr. Ramdip Ray Offers Edge in Liver Transplant Surgery in India


A liver transplant is a surgery achieved to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver from some other person. The liver may come from a deceased donor or from a living donor. Family members or individuals who are unrelated however make an excellent match can be capable to donate a part of their liver this type of transplant is…


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