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10 Things to Know Before Your Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is found to be the second most common surgery where knee
replacement holds the first place. The people who are suffering from hip arthritis are feeling
the signs of needing a hip replacement. However, the problem is that they do not know when to
make the replacement. When you need a successful hip replacement, it is necessary to know
certain things about it like hip replacement surgery cost ,types and treatment method.

1. It is not only for seniors

Gone are the days where the people above the age of 70s required hip surgery and replacement.
Today, due to some injury, which causes unbearable pain, it can strike even the younger ones.
CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics states that the surgery is carried out for the patients
under the age of 40 to 45 has been increased by up to 200% as per the year 2000-2010.

2. You lose independence during the recovery

When you are recovering from the treatment, you need to have someone to assist you all the
time. You are strictly not allowed to drive. You will need the help of someone when you need to
go to groceries, cooking, cleaning, and chores the room and for visiting the doctor.

3. You are restricted from walking

You are not allowed to walk immediately after the surgery gets over. Most of the patients could
stand only for 5 minutes at the initial stage, and for walking, they need the help of someone.
Initially, you should make use of some devices like cane, walker, or crutches for walking.

4. Make your appropriate

Only when you are at the right weight, the recovery will be easy and possible. Also, remember
that the process of reducing weight should not affect your strength, and it should be healthy
weight loss. Only the strong upper body will make it the better option for making it easier to get
around on crutches or some aids to help walking.

5. Test the crutches or walker

After the surgery gets over, it is highly necessary to make use of the crutches or the walker when
you need to walk. To make it comfortable, you can practice with the crutches or walker even
before the surgery. This will make you more comfortable or if you need to change, you can
change them earlier.

6. Quit smoking

When you are looking for the surgery, your doctor might have advised you to quit smoking. This
is because the presence of nicotine will slow the process of recovery and there might raise some
complications in the recovery process. When you are struggling to get rid of smoking, you can
seek help from the doctor as well.

7. Avoid blood thinners

In case if you are taking some medications that could thin your blood like aspirin, you should
avoid them a few weeks before the surgery. Make sure you take the right guidance from the
doctor to avoid some impacts.

8. Get ready with the additional aspects

There are some additional aspects like shifting to the ground floor because if you are upstairs, it
is hard to move there. Similarly, you need to get ready with the firm chair with arms that will be
suitable for your height. Besides, the bathroom sitting also should be given consideration. Make
sure you plan for the bathroom activities as well.

9. Bank your blood

During the procedure, you may need a transfusion. So, when you feel that your own blood might
be used in the process, you can save your blood initially. This becomes highly necessary when
you have a rare blood group.

10. Hip replacement is the life-altering process

When you are trying for the hip replacement process, it will be giving you some new experience.
After the procedure, even if you are trying to get back to the old life, it becomes impossible. You
need to get adopted with the new life. If you feel coming experiencing the situation to be hard,
you can look for the right counseling form the doctor.
Get prepared now!
By now, you might have known about the signs of needing a hip replacement and what you
should do for the successful outcome. Make sure you follow them appropriately with the
doctor’s suggestions and enjoy the best with the help of medical technology available today.

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