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4 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal that you Should First Discuss with the Dermatologist

Unwanted body hair has been an issue for women and men for time immemorial. Cosmetic companies have cashed on the need by providing a whole array of solution from shaving to waxing to hair removal creams each producing results that are short-lived.

Laser hair removal in Delhi and all around the country has been gaining immense popularity in the recent years because of the promised results and their longevity. Laser hair treatment can be very effective in targeting the hair of a particular area such as the underarms, upper lips and can also be applied to broader areas like full hands or legs.

How Does It Work?

As magical as it sounds, the whole process is rather scientific. The laser produces warmth which is then absorbed by the pigments of the hair. When enough heat collects, it seeps down and the hair follicle gets decimated. The destroyed hair follicle prohibits any further growth of hair in years if ever.

Laser hair removal is a relatively safe process when done by competent specialists and provides promising results. The treatment is best suited for individuals who have dark hair but lighter skin which enables the laser to pick up the contrast in pigmentation. The treatment needs more than one session to give the desired effects. However, you should only visit the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi to avoid the unwanted side effects of the process.

Common Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal:

Although the process is relatively safe and does not have to produce many adverse effects, there can be some minor issues. One of the best dermatologists in Delhi recommends that you should always consult with a skin specialist and have your skin tested for its sensitivity to avoid severe side effects.

Here Are Some Common Side Effects That Laser Hair Removal Can Produce:

  • A common side effect associated with the treatment is skin burns which occur when the skin absorbs the heat from the laser rather than the hair follicles. The problem is more prevalent in people with darker skin tone.

  • There can be some minor itching during and after the treatment is over.

  • There might be a slight change in the pigmentation of the skin with hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation a noted issue of the treatment.

  • There can be some redness or swelling following the treatment.

It is always wise to opt for a treatment only in the best laser hair removal clinic in Delhi post a thorough research on the topic and after consulting with best dermatologist in Delhi.

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