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4 Types of Training You Should Add in Your Daily Routine

Exercising is essential for staying healthy and fit. Many people consider strenuous activities such as biking or running that make you breathe hard and sweat as exercise but there are different types of exercises, and all of them are essential for enhancing fitness.

Exercising is divided into four categories; strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. All of these categories are necessary for physical strength. Each category is different and requires different types of exercises.

Here is a little information about each type of training.

Aerobic Exercises:

Exercises such as running, dancing, swimming, etc. are included in this category. All of these exercises are excellent for the cardiovascular system. They help in keeping the heart rate up and assist you in breathing harder. Aerobics are highly effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. They are also known to decreasing risk of cancer. It is important to include at least two to three hours of aerobics in your daily routine, and you will reap lifelong advantages. The timing of the exercise depends on the intensity of the exercise. You can avoid injury during aerobics by taking things slow. Most people suffer injuries because they try to exercise too hard at the beginning of the workout. If you have joint problems, then you should avoid high impact exercises.

Strength Exercises:

These exercises are for working the muscles by using things like dumbbell or body-weight. These exercises help in increasing lean muscles mass which is essential for losing weight as lean muscles consume more calories as compared to other tissues. The strength exercises include lifting weights, push-ups, crunches, leg squats, pull-ups, using resistance bands and weight machines. Strength training reduces a risk of osteoporosis, increases metabolism and decreases chances of injury.

Balance Exercises:

These training exercises are important in improving stability and balance of the body. These exercises are important for older adults, but they can benefit people of any age. They are also helpful to people who have either gained or lost weight. Balance exercises are important for decreasing risk of injury. These exercises include walking heel to toe, stability ball, and balance board, Yoga, shifting weight and standing on one foot. You can also buy martial arts uniform and try doing tai chi or even Pilates.

These exercises are useful in preventing falls, improving proprioception and avoiding injuries that are of lower-extremity like ankle or knee injuries. There is no limit to how much balance exercises you should do. It depends on your age and stamina. There is always a chance of falling while doing balance exercises so make sure you have some type of support nearby to keep your balance.

Flexibility Exercise:

These exercises are good for stretching muscles and improving range of motions. These exercises are divided into two types; static and dynamic. The dynamic exercises are done so that the muscles get used to the kind of movements that your muscles will be doing. High steps, ankle stretch, arm circles or arm swings are an example of dynamic stretches. These exercises not just improve the flexibility but also reduce a risk of injury and decrease the level of lactic acid in muscles which help with other intense workouts.

An ideal workout includes all four types of training exercises in workouts so you should combine different exercises in one workout to get best results.

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