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5 Most Common Types of Weight Loss Surgeries Available in India

Bariatric surgery is designed to make people lose weight either by restricting the amount of food stomach can hold or by causing gastric malabsorption of the nutrients consumed. Some types of weight loss surgery also involve a combination of both gastric restriction and malabsorption approaches. It is also a fact that weight loss surgery can also cause hormonal changes in patients. The good news is that most bariatric surgeries nowadays are performed as minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. The five most common weight loss surgeries for obesity are listed below.


  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery – This weight loss surgery is designed to make the obesity patient feel less hungry and full sooner during eating. Gastric sleeve bariatric surgery is a simple procedure which involves lower risk of complications alongside faster recovery. The gastrointestinal tract is not changed during this weight loss surgery, but obesity patients can lose weight over a significantly short period of time. Since the section of the stomach which produces hormone Ghrelin during this type of bariatric surgery, the patient is also able to feel less hungry. Gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in short reduces the volume of the stomach and which makes the patient feel full very quickly.
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery – Obesity patients undergoing gastric bypass weight loss surgery will feel full sooner while eating, they will additionally also absorb fewer minerals due to bypassing a section of the intestine. Recognized as the ‘gold standard’ of bariatric surgery, gastric bypass weight loss surgery patients will lose almost 70 percent of their excessive body weight within the first 18 months. While obesity patients undergoing this procedure will improve or even eliminate type 2 diabetes and may not also be required to take medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, their digestive hormones may also adjust from significant weight loss along with increasing testosterone and improving metabolism.
  • Duodenal Switch Surgery – This weight loss surgery is in fact a combination of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery. Most ideal bariatric surgery for morbid obesity, duodenal switch surgery is sometimes performed following a failed gastric band weight loss surgery. Duodenal switch procedure involves stapling about 70 percent of stomach while leaving the normal connection of stomach to the intestine. Subsequently the intestine is cut before reaching the appendix and reattached to the lower portion of the intestine. As a result, bile and other digestive juices are only able to start processing food further down the intestine and therefore absorb less calories.
  •  Lap Band Surgery – An inflatable band is placed around top of stomach in order to create a small pouch during this weight loss surgery. This way only a small portion of food is consumed by obesity patients since they feel full. This gastric lap band is adjustable and is laparoscopically put these days.
  •  Gastric Balloon Surgery – All gastric balloons work in a similar fashion as a weight loss procedure. Since the balloon occupies space within the stomach of the obesity patient, there is less space left for food. Average gastric balloons occupy about 650 ml volume of space out of the normal 1.5L of the stomach. The weight loss surgery patient will therefore feel temporarily full much sooner than normal. However, gastric balloons are required to be removed or replaced every 6 months.


Low Cost Weight Loss Surgery in India

Weight loss surgery in India is a boon to obesity patients from all around the world who are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare in their homeland. Weight loss surgery cost in India is surprisingly just a fraction of what it takes in other healthcare havens around the world. Obesity patients seeking bariatric surgery can utilize this opportunity to undergo excellent weight loss surgery in India without compromising on the quality of treatment.

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