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Most new blood cells within the body come from bone marrow. Bone marrow is a fatty substance in large quantities located within the bulbous & bulky ends of bones. New blood cells are found to mutate & become cancerous among people suffering from leukemia. Further development of the disease happens when these cancerous cells begin to clone & start making copies. Typical age for onset of leukemia in adults is between 50 – 70 years. Moreover, there are many subtypes of leukemia which are normally defined by the type of blood cells they have mutated from & as to how early mutation process has taken place in cell production process. Doctors generally make it clear that there is no single sign or symptom when it comes to diagnosing leukemia. This is because the signs of leukemia depend upon the subtype & there are some overlapping symptoms which also tend to come up among people suffering from other common types of adult leukemia. Nevertheless, one should watch out for the following signs of leukemia.

Ways to Identify Leukemia in Women

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is a common sign of leukemia, like it is with several other diseases. People with leukemia will feel fatigued all the time. They should however let the doctor know if lacking energy is a noticeable change in how they feel. Sometimes, fatigue may also be caused due to anemia.

2. Pale Skin

New blood cells damaged by leukemia can overtake bone marrow & make production of healthy cells quite difficult. Moreover, since leukemia patients have few healthy cells may develop anemia that can subsequently lead to pale skin. Another sign of leukemia is that the person may feel her hands to be cold all the time due to anemia.

3. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is something to look out for alongside sapped energy for signs of leukemia in women. This is especially so during physical activity. When women notice their being out of breath & which is not normal, it would be best that they let the doctor know.

4. Fever or Infections

Blood cells are an important component of any human immune system. Women who are unhealthy due to leukemia can expect to fall sick more frequently. Fevers & infections are some of the most common signs of leukemia in women.

5. Slow Healing

When cuts & scrapes are taking a long time to heal or when the person is easily bruising could indicate the type of blood cell shifts which are associated with leukemia. Small red dots on skin called petechiae usually appearing on lower extremities may also be a sign of leukemia.

6. Other Signs of Leukemia

Night sweats, painful or achy joints, although not as common as the above signs of leukemia, are still linked to the disease. Unexplained weight loss may be another sign of leukemia depending upon the subtype. Some other signs of leukemia may include nose bleeds, chills, fevers & enlarged or swollen lymph nodes.

Diagnosing Leukemia

Diagnosing is usually based upon the signs & symptoms of leukemia. Upon suspicion, doctors usually order blood tests in order to check the platelets & red & white blood counts as well. In case these results raise concerns, patient is referred to hematologist doctors who specialize in disorders of the blood or blood cancer. This type of specialized testing is the perfect diagnosis of leukemia.


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