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7 Things You Didn’t Know Were Related To Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases. It results due to production of abnormal cells in breasts and surrounding area. Breast cancer can be successfully treated if diagnosed in initial stages. Patients experiencing abnormal lumps in breast, abnormal discharge or rash around the nipples, and dimpling of breast skin should immediately contact a well-qualified oncologist for precise diagnosis and a suitable breast cancer treatment. Breast cancer treatment cost may vary depending on its extent and patient’s overall condition.   

7 Important Things Related To Breast Cancer

The following list elaborates some of the important factors linked with breast cancer.

1. Radiation Exposure

Breasts are extremely sensitive in nature. It has been observed that women who were frequently exposed to radiation treatments at an early age are more likely to develop breast cancer in future.

2. No Children

Pregnancy can significantly impact a woman’s wellbeing. According to a report of American National Cancer Institute, women who do not have any children are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer as compared to women who have delivered a baby.

3. Early Menstruation & Late Menopause

Early menstruation and late menopause are closely associated with breast cancer. As per the statistics of American Cancer Society, women who get their periods before the age of 12 and who experience menopause after 55 years of age are more likely to get breast cancer.

4. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are widely used by women for avoiding pregnancy. However, they contain higher levels of hormones which are known to increase the possibility of breast cancer in young women.

5. Excessive Consumption of Alcohol

Heavy drinking and a sedentary lifestyle can raise the chances of breast cancer in women. Therefore, women should quit unhealthy lifestyle and get indulged in a proper routine for minimizing the risk of breast cancer.

6. Dense Breast Tissue

Dense breast tissue can significantly increase the risk of breast cancer. Women who are obese or overweight are more likely to have dense breast tissue. In addition to this, it may become difficult for a surgeon to determine any abnormality in patient’s breasts due to high breast density.

7. Post-Menopause Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy involving estrogen and progesterone post menopause can considerably increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Women should consider taking advice of a well-experienced doctor prior undergoing any hormone therapy.

Women should eat a well-balanced diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables. They should also perform exercise regularly and lead an active life for reducing the chances of breast cancer. 

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