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7 tips to take care of women's mental health during & after pregnancy

Maintain a healthy diet

Increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables and water during pregnancy stimulates the baby's good development and also enhances the good mood of the pregnant woman.

Practice physical activities regularly

With proper medical guidance, several exercises can be performed during pregnancy to bring physical benefits, avoid excessive weight gain and reduce anxiety and stress.

Take time for yourself

It is necessary to balance activities, ask for help from friends and family to perform some daily tasks and set aside time to sleep well and do what you like.

Stay away from caffeine, alcohol and drugs

Caffeine - present in coffee and products like black tea, energy drinks, soft drinks and chocolates - stimulates hormones that cause stress, anxiety, irritability, insomnia and muscle tension

 Alcohol and drugs, on the other hand, bring several damages to the health of all people, what will the mother and baby say.

Talk about your concerns

Take the time with your family, friends and with specialists who accompany you in the prenatal period.

Participate in events and support groups for mothers Another important tip is to exchange experiences with women who are experiencing the same problems and have the same doubts as you.

Avoid isolation

Even if you want to be alone before or after the baby is born, make an effort to be around other people

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