by Internet Medical Society is a site by the "Internet Medical Society" and leaded by our scientific committee is the first truly social professional networking and career development community by physicians for physicians. is a social network dedicated to communication and cross-fertilization among clinicians and researchers from all science fields with an interest in medicine. provides a platform to bring together clinicians, scientists and researchers from all biomedical fields to foster an advanced understanding of effective models to enable and accelerate the progress of translational medicine for disease treatment. is a utility aimed at the worldwide physicians community where we integrate content from the core medical sources, presented in a wide range of formats such as video, images, text, links and documents. These contents are later categorized through a standardized approach designed to enhance the functionality and the learning experience for the physicians, allowing them to easily browse and research medical contents such as:

  • Case Studies
  • Clinical Studies
  • Conferences
  • CME
  • Symposia summaries
  • Drug Reference
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Medical Articles
  • Medical / Health news
  • Patient Education materials
  • Procedures
  • Treatment Guidelines's site works as the premier international network of doctors and medical students. The objective is to enhance communication, collaborations, exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Keep in touch with your mentors, colleagues and students. Create groups and invite people who share your interests. Join and Expand your Network!

Our mission is outlined in these points:

1. To provide a online platform for doctors to develop professional and personal relationships.

2. To provide online infrastructure for doctors to create, manage and expand their social network in the field of Medicine.

3. To provide online technical infrastructure for doctors to share their clinical cases, images, videos and medical knowledge.

4. To be the leading source of educational and scientific research information for doctors, allowing them to advance their skills and stay current with new innovations in the field.

5. To provide a technical infrastructure that can be shared by medical organizations to support information exchange, collaboration, and administration.

6. To provide an optimal and richly interlinked platform for the major online journals.

7. To provide a resource through which companies can inform and gain feedback from doctors regarding products and services.

8. To be the global leader in providing online education in medicine and in promoting competence of doctors to enable the highest possible levels of safety and quality of care.

Pharma companies

We believe a medical network is very much needed either for medical professionals and patients, or pharma about using social media properly and legally. This social net created collaboratively by the most important online voices of health providers, professionals, pharma companies and web 2.0 was meant to help this process. 

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Tips for interaction

This site has been developed for interaction. You can use these tools:

  • Create or update your profile: Include your affiliation, research interests, publications, and more
  • Read the latest articles for free.
  • Submit and deliver your presentations for online medical conferences. Then publish the abstract or the proceeding in our medical journals.

  • Post, view, and biomedical events.

  • Start a discussion in the forum: Engage your colleagues by posting a question or comment, discussing recent research or policy. Have your say

  • Develop you blog: Start and run your blog based on your research interests or experience.

  • Link to your center page... or create a profile to show us what your center or lab is working on

  • Explore, create, and build... and let us know what new features you'd like to see!

  • Subscribe to our publications for free at Scribd.

  • Follow The headhunter blog.

  • Join your blog to the Medical Blogsphere

  • Search members or invite. Connect with colleagues: Find and connect with old and new colleagues

Many doctors and health professionals from all around the world are using

Will you add your views to our collective knowledge… and help change the course of healthcare? Join us and interact!!


Terms & Conditions

We believe in the power of community collaboration, promoting the exchange of thought-provoking contents that open the opportunity for physicians to comment, ask, answer, reply publish and interact with other colleagues, either at a local level or at an international level.

The site is just and exclusively for health professionals and scientists. In order to ensure a professional collaboration level across multiple specialties, languages and countries, we carefully and diligently validate every new registration.

Every new posting, whether integrated by Medicalia or by the  community, gets validated in terms of categorization and quality of content by the community itself – and by our medical staff –. Most healthcare websites have a Privacy Policy. Naturally, we do too. But at, we’re more excited about our Openness Philosophy. It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s what drives our groundbreaking concept. The copyright of all original contents published in, including texts, videos and images, belongs to IMS, although we can not make responsible of the opinions of users. Comments express the opinion of users and do not necessarily represent the official ideas of IMS. Contents posted to can be reused by IMS members only. Anyone else wishing to reuse these contents have to contact IMS ( in order to get permission.  

Our ultimate purpose is to enhance the research and collaboration experience for the physician’s community. To that end, we are constantly seeking for different kinds of communities interested in interacting with physicians – from medical associations, scientific or medical publishers, to manufacturers of pharmaceutical and medical devices. If you have any questions or if you would like to ensure as a publisher, that Medicalia integrates your content in an appropriate way, please contact us at: 

You see, we believe sharing your healthcare experiences and outcomes is good. Why? Because when patients share real-world data, collaboration on a global scale becomes possible. New treatments become possible. Most importantly, change becomes possible. At, we are passionate about bringing people together for a greater purpose: speeding up the pace of research and fixing a broken healthcare system.

Currently, most healthcare data is inaccessible due to privacy regulations or proprietary tactics. As a result, research is slowed, and the development of breakthrough treatments takes decades.  Doctors also can’t get the information they need to make important treatment decisions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you and thousands like you share your data, you open up the healthcare system. You learn what’s working for others. You improve your dialogue with other doctors. Best of all, you help bring better treatments to market in record time. enables you to effect a sea change in the healthcare system. We believe that the Internet can democratize patient data and accelerate research like never before. Furthermore, we believe data belongs to you the patient to share with other patients, caregivers, physicians, researchers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and anyone else that can help make patients’ lives better. 

If you would like to learn more about our categorization criteria, or if you would like to speak with one of our medical representatives, please contact us at:

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