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The uterine polyp or endometrial polyp is an outgrowth of the endometrium, the lining that lines the inside of the uterus. This tumor is harmless and its size, number, shape, and composition are variable. A polyp can fill the entire uterine cavity, be it single or multiple or be it pedunculated (attaching to the uterus with one foot) or sessile (with a large implant base) in nature.

It can remain contained in the uterine cavity, located in the cervix, or be externalized by the cervix into the vagina. When located near the end of the fallopian tubes, it can also interfere with fertility. Polyp should not be confused with uterine fibroids, which develops at the expense of muscle cells in the uterus. Both are different from having different natures. Click the link to read a complete blog on Uterine Polyps.

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