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Leukemia Overview 

Leukemia is a cancer type affecting bone marrow. This is also known as blood cancer or chronic lymphocytic leukemia  (also called CLL). This slowly gets worse capturing bone marrow leading a person to death. This type of cancer is world’s second most common type. This is seen in adults of middle age, and rarely found in children.

Detection of cancer at early stage can help in many ways to get proper treatment at time without damaging much. Detection tests are also known as diagnosis. Diagnosis for leukemia is available in all the major laboratories. Initially physical tests are performed by doctors to check for swollen lymph nodes, spleen or liver.   

  • Blood tests are done to check complete blood count.
  • Biopsy: A little part of tissue is removed by a doctor to look for cancerous cells, whether other organ of the body is affected. This test is sure way to know the result.
  • Bone Marrow Aspiration: sample of bone marrow is removed by thick and hollow needle for further test.
  • Cytogenetic: test involves reading of chromosomes to find the particular type of leukemia.
  • Spinal Tap: cerebrospinal fluid test.
  • Chest X-ray: a swollen lymph node can be detected by X-ray.

Available treatment methods in India are latest and upgraded. All cancer units follow standard protocol of treatment.  Methods are available but correct and proper technique should be

1. Chemotherapy- given as pills or injected into the body which stops the growth of cells but also damages the healthy tissues.

2. Stem Cell Transplant – combination of radiation and high doses of drug result to give new stem cells which starts producing normal blood cells.

3. Radiation Therapy - high doses of radiation is used to destroy cancerous cells.

4. Targeted Therapy drugs are used to attack specific types of cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

5. Biological Therapy- immune system is made strong and natural body substances are used to boost immune system.

Coming to the cost of treatment and facilities for medical assistance, India is best option to choose. Hospitals in India are offering top class treatment facilities at low cost for every kind of disorder.  Global patients can likewise investigate the excellence of area with treatment plan in India at extremely practical and economic expense. The administrations offered are surely understood over the whole globe. Skilled and experienced surgeons are specialists in giving prevalent leukemia treatment in India at most moderate expense. Current diagram of universal patients voyaging India for medicinal services is expanding by 20-30 % consistently and greater part comprises of cancer treatment. Indian med-guru consultants are driving medical tourism organization offering best bundles to finish impeccable treatment in India with minimal effort Leukemia Treatment and settle other wellbeing related issues to make medicinal visit a fruitful yet fulfilled one.

Leukemia Treatment in India

Indian med-guru consultants have association with top surgeons treating leukemia and other types of cancer at premium cancer centers accommodated with all high tech equipments.Now plan for a superlative medical tour with Indian med-guru paying very less as compared to home town. The team will assist right from the beginning. Give us a chance and we will definitely serve you better than your expectation.


Leukemia – blood cancer takes breadth when it is detected. But now with all latest techniques, top surgeons and best hospital in India will make it possible for every cancer patient to live healthy life once again. 

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