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Arthroscopy: a surgical treatment for all the injuries

It is the completely depressing moment, when we get to now that our one body part is not moving properly that affects our routine life. But,  thanks to medical science that so many technologies emerged in this field.

For this kind of problem, there is also a treatment that we called arthroscopy. The doctor who does this kind of surgery is known as Orthopaedic Surgeon in Bhopal.

When it is applicable?

It is applicable to all types of sports injuries. If you are facing unbearable pain for a long time then you should go for some tests to know, what the problem exactly is? maybe it is because of some extra muscle.

How long it takes to recover from this surgery?

It is a small kind of surgery. In which the doctor did a small cut around the problematic part. It is less painful surgery.

All the procedure of this surgery takes a complete day after that you ca ton go to your home.

Now, this surgery is also possible in India, You can meet Dr Kewal Gangrade, Arthroscopy and Sports Injury Surgeon in Bhopal.

Here I am providing his contact details.

Contact No.:- 7000585160 // 9109372680


Linkedin url:-
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Address:- Bansal Hospital, Shahpura, Bhopal 462016


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