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Avail unparalleled Disc Replacement Surgery options in India

As an individual the role of spinal cord has its own significance as spine is the amazing set of bones called vertebrae. The vertebrae is separated by special rubbery disc and interlocked by processes of bone better known as facets joints. The major function of the vertebral column is to: protect the cord, provides motion for the human skeleton, flexibility and mobility i.e. helps in bending forward, backward and sideways and most important transmits body weight while standing and walking. Surgical options for Disc Replacement Surgery indicate that the number of procedures performed every year has increases significantly over the past decade. To illustrate few reasons behind this can be: poor body mechanism, lifting or moving objects of excessive weight, prolonged sitting especially with poor posture which may be due to lack of adjustable chairs, root rest and body support.

The goal of Disc Replacement Surgery is to relief pain and improves mobility in patients having chronic back pain. Disc Replacement is the new surgical technique opted by surgeons worldwide other than spinal fusion. The course of treatment plan will depend upon the medical records of the patient which will be examined by the medical team and the final treatment plan will be recommended to the patient depending upon the severity of the condition. The purpose of the surgery is to replace the worn-out or diseased disc while preserving the motion of spine. The outcome of this surgical technique is reduced back pain, increased overall efficiency of doing a particular task like lifting, moving and body posture while sitting.

Indian hospitals and surgical centers are gaining popularity in terms of the services and facilities provided to overseas patients travelling to India in search of affordable treatment packages. Overseas patients looking for Disc Replacement Surgery treatment options in India can avail services with no more long waiting list for appointment. Indian doctors and surgeons are well-experienced and certified medical professionals having the expertise to handle complex surgical procedures. Specialized nursing care and support is provided by the administrative staff and health professionals in India.

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a group of medical working professionals which have the expertise to handle intricate cases related to spine with simplicity and utmost care and importance. The medical team has alliance with top-notch surgical centers and spine surgeons who have national and international expertise and training hereby providing superlative services to overseas patients at substantially-less cost.

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