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Benefits of low cost Breast Reduction Surgery in India

The benefits of low cost breast reduction surgery in India include getting it performed by the board certified surgeons from the best cosmetic clinics or hospitals. The cost of breast reduction surgery in India is a fraction of what it will cost in the western countries. Many women from across the globe have got their breast reduction surgery in India through Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India. We have collaborated with the state of the art facilities, the top cosmetic surgeons in India to deliver the end to end services to women seeking their breast reduction surgery in India.

The plastic surgery procedure to reduce the size of large breasts by bringing them in proportion with the body while still retaining the functional abilities of natural breasts is known as a breast reduction surgery. This surgery aims to make the breasts lighter and firmer.

Actually the surgery works on three levels for the patient including physical, aesthetic and psychological. If you are 18 years or older and physically and mentally healthy, not currently pregnant or nursing and have realistic expectations then you too can have any of the following concerns about the breasts- either heavy pendulous breasts with nipples which point downwards or too large in proportion to your body frame or one breast is much larger than the other, experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain due to weight of the breasts, then you are an ideal candidate for the breast reduction cosmetic surgery in India.

Initially, the patient will be given general anaesthesia for a painless and comfortable surgery. The breast reduction surgery ins undertaken to reduce the size by removing excess glandular tissue, skin, fat and reposition the nipple which provides a youthful perky look of the breasts. The areola is repositioned or reduced if necessary for retaining the blood and nerve supply and the excess tissue of the breast is removed and reshaped which gives the breast an uplift appearance and the incisions will be closed with suitable sutures.

The nipple aerole remains attached to the nerve and blood vessels but in case of very heavy and large breasts, the nipple aerole complex is completely removed and granted to a new high position. The surgical techniques include anchor pattern incision, vertical incision and liposuction breast reduction. You will feel moderate to severe pain for one to two days post the breast reduction surgery which can be controlled with the pain medications. The dressing will be removed in about two to four days and the stitches will be removed after a week. You will be able to resume non-strenuous daily activities but maintain caution within a week and you can do a strenuous activities post six weeks from this procedure.

Most women who got their breast reductions surgery in India are quite pleased with the breast reduction cosmetic surgery. Most of them got relieved from the chronic back, shoulder and neck pain post this surgery. You need to stay at the hospital for one to two nights after undergoing the breast reduction surgery in India. The stitches will be removed after a week from this procedure and you will be asked to stay in the town near the hospital for about one week to ten days after this surgery in India.

Contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to get the benefits of a low cost breast reduction surgery in India. This will help to boost your self esteem since it will enhance your appearance and improve your body image. We will help you throughout the breast reduction surgery in India.


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