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Best hospitals in India for Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgery


Heart ailment whether child or adult is always a matter of concern, luckily with effective heart treatment options in the form of heart surgeries can be the boon for the patients. The heart surgery among kids is termed as pediatric cardiac surgery, which has one of the best treatment solutions in India. Paediatric cardiac surgeries are among the complex procedures, which need technologically advanced and modern miniature equipments and machines for proper care and treatment of the kids. The heart surgery in India comes with high quality and affordability, which is also the case with Paediatric Cardiac Surgery. The cardiac hospitals in India aim to reduce the mortal consequences of Paediatric Cardiac surgical procedures with great care and professionalism.

Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgery in India at Par Hospitals

  • The Indian cardiac hospitals are the ultimate destination for global patients who are keen to get wrold’s best quality and affordable heart solutions for kids. Let’s check how the Paediatric Cardiac Surgeries in India are par with global parameters:
  • These hospitals have latest and best available techniques, which are par with international standards. So, right from accessing high quality Paediatric Robotic Heart Surgery, Primary and complex Coronary Angioplasties and Stenting and Minimally Invasive Valve & coronary Heart Bypass Surgery to name a few you can find high quality Percutaneous Valvular interventions like the aortic valve replacement really need a special mention here.
  • The hospitals are latest and the modern facilities place having one of the top techniques of global yardsticks. Most of the cardiac hospitals are known to cater 99 percent success rate for almost all the Paediatric surgeries.
  • The hospitals here are extremely affordable the cost of these surgical procedures happen to be one sixth of the cost to the same procedures found in the US, UK or Europe which are meant with the best of the quality implants.
  • The hospitals are known to have highly trained team and known to have tremendous experience in doing the type of radiofrequency, device implantation, pacemaker and other similar procedures.
  • The hospitals are known to have state of art of facility cardiac care departments, which are backed with computer navigation surgery system for high end results and thus use the finest quality implants prosthesis and that come along from the global brands.
  • The hospitals are known to have specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, which are known to cater quick rehabilitation after any cardiac care surgery. India is among the leading place to have the best hospital for kids’ heart surgeries, which carry out almost thrice the surgeries in any other countries including even the ones found in the west.

Cardiac Care Hospitals the hub of competitive Paediatric Cardiac Surgeons

In India, one can avail one of the best and high quality healthcare services and cardiac care for kids is no exception. Thanks one of the best team of pediatric heart surgeons and experts who have been known all across the world for their expertise, experience and care. They have mastered their skills, which even the world vouch hence they are seen in world conferences on pediatric cardiac care. They have published a wide range of papers on the same subject in the world famed journals and magazines, which speaks about their expertise and exposure in this field. This is the very same reason why more and more global patients are getting attracted towards India for cardiac care.


Paediatric Cardiac Care has been the epitome of Indian Heart Hospitals. Invariably every metro city in this country is known to cater highly affordable and high quality pediatric cardiac care, which is one of the key reasons for the global patients to flock to India.

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Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon India

Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon India

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