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Best Myomectomy Specialist in India at Very Cheap Price


There are many women who are seen getting affected their health with issues in their uterus and one such dreaded issue is myomata uteri/fibroids. These issues can silently bring issues a lot among the women. In a number of women but the fibroids can add issues of excessive and too often frequent menstrual periods, infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss and pelvic pain. Severe anaemia can simply help in having excessive uterine bleeding, which can be fixed with procedures like Myomectomy. India now has embarked over the global map for being pioneers in giving high quality healthcare services at much of the reasonable cost. And with Myomectomy surgery in India, the global patients coming from countries like Nigeria find this to be a win-win situation. Let’s check about the surgery as under:

What is Myomectomy?

Myomectomy can be called as a surgical procedure that helps in removing the uterine fibroids from the uterus. These fibroids can hamper 30 percent of women, while a majority of women are seen getting treated the most with ailments like uterine bleeding, symptoms, pain and pressure. The Myomectomy surgery in India can help in removing the complete uterus for treating fibroids, while many can find other options like hysterectomy if they are keen to have kids in the coming future. Ironically, a number of gynecological surgeons are seen recommending for other surgical options.

Procedure & Recovery – Myomectomy

There are number of ways of treating this procedure. The kind of Myomectomy surgery in India would depend upon the size, location and size of the fibroids for the surgeon.  One of the ways carrying out the surgery is via laparoscopic approach, which is common among the medical circles. The surgeon using the approach of laparoscopy use mini-lap in order to allow the removal of slightly bigger size subserosal fibroids that this approach can easily manage the ailment seeking small size incision sizes. Such procedures - Myomectomy(Fibroid) surgery in India are often carried out by endoscopic surgeons who have the expertise and experience in managing things right. Talking about the recovery, the patient is likely to stay for two days after the surgery, while two or five patients can get discharge the other day.

However, the patients are welcome to stay at the hospital to get some initial healing and then head to home go for a complete healing after the surgery. A long grade temperature is often a common thing to experience in the few days after the said surgery, while in these few days after the surgery at home should be taken very much easily.  The patient need to go for someone’s help, while plenty of fluids and rest is recommended to the patients for a proper healing. Make sure you exercise your calf muscles in order to avoid issues like clots. You may need some oral pain relief especially at the very first day after myomectomy surgery in India, which can be addressed in various ways.

Myomectomy Surgery at Very Cheap Price in India

When it comes to India, the country is among the emerging in medical tourism. Thanks to the high quality healthcare services that is available at much of the affordable cost. Best Myomectomy Specialist in India is a cost effective option for global patients coming from Nigeria and other nations. The top hospitals and world class medical centers are par in terms of facilities and human resources with developed nations like America and England. Hence you can find most of the hospitals cater high quality healthcare services and this surgery to be recognised by the groups like JCI and other accreditation. The surgeons dealing with these surgeries and the doctors present in these hospitals have all the required skills, which are required to address the issue of fibroid with care, professionalism and great comfort, thus adding values to the healthcare services the global patient receive. 

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