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Best Spine and Neuro Surgeon in India enables in fixing Spine and Neurological disorder with expertise and Care

In the early seventies, the neurosurgery was seen entering into the initial stage in the developing India and this was the time when most of the neurosurgeons were known to have a very high mortality rates. A majority of neurological cases that were dealt were just the head injury. However, with the passage of two decades the field of neurosurgery is seen with having some rapid leaps. Today, you can find a number of Indian doctors and surgeons that were considered to be at the top in the field of neurosurgery. All such cases with the brain tumor like the brain stem tumor were seen getting successful in being operated the best with Indian neurosurgeons like Dr. Bipin Swarn Wali. The facilities that is being offered by the competitive hospitals can range from intra operative MRI, Gamma Knife Surgery to Brain Suite. The surgeon is known for the high success rate that can range from 95 to 98 percent that can be comparable with any other setup found in the world.

What really defines a good neurological setup?

A majority of hospitals found in country like India are known to have a number of neurological services including operating over the head injury patient. A majority of cities are seen being the resident or visiting neurosurgeon that doesn’t need a high end operation theatre in order to operate on these patients. However, with advanced procedures like brain tumor surgery, high end spine surgery or aneurysm surgery demands a very precise kind of equipments including Cusa, Microscope , Braine Suite and Cusa. For achieving one of the best results in the field of neurosurgery, the man behind the state of art machines are more vital than the others.

Some of the neurosurgeons are seen having an edge over brain tumors apart from giving the top services like Spine surgeries or brachial plexus. Some of them are even seen migrating to Gamma Knife Surgery. You need to explore the best of the treatment for the conditions pertaining to spine or brain condition and thus are seen recommending one of the best doctors like Dr. Bipin Swarn Walia. The surgery   helps in bringing out one of the best neurosurgeons in India along with giving one of the best neurosurgeries in India.

Why Choose Dr. Bipin Swarn Walia for Neurosurgery & Spine Surgery in India

Dr. Bipin Swarn Walia is among the top neurosurgeons in India who is known to have a specialization and experienced in neurosurgery and spine surgeries. He has carried out more than 4000 spine surgery that goes into his credit giving him the respectable position in the field of medical fraternity. You can find the doctor working in top places including the Max Hospital in Delhi apart from doing his education from the Armed Forces Medical College from Pune, India. He then headed to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi for his super specialization while working in neurosurgery. He was then trained in spine surgery at one of the key hospitals including the ones from University Of Erlagen, Germany then headed to Medical Education & Research Institute, Texas, US along with doing his fellowship from Mainz Germany. Before he actually joined the Max Hospital in Delhi, he has one of the best and competent hospitals in India.

He is known for education and training as under:

He is trained in minimally invasive spine surgery from a number of medical education and research institute, Texas, USA

Training in Endoscopic Spine Surgery from top institutes followed doing his masters in general surgery from AFMC Pune, India and yes he did his MBBS from AFMC Pune India. And talking about awards, he he has been awarded the following ways:

  • Association of Spine Surgeons of India
  • North American spine society
  • Delhi spine society
  • Indian Orthopaedic Association

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