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Causes of Prolactinoma Benign Tumors in Both Men & Women

Prolactinoma is basically a condition in which pituitary tumors known as adenomas (noncancerous) in brain are found to overproduce the hormone prolactin. The spiraling major effect of prolactinoma is that it generates decreased levels of sex hormones like testosterone in men & estrogen in women. Although prolactinoma is not a life threatening condition, it can however impair vision, cause infertility & produce various other effects. Moreover, prolactinoma is the most common type of hormone secreting pituitary tumor which is found to develop within the pituitary gland. Neurologists are often found to treat prolactinoma with medications in order to restore normal levels of prolactin. Pituitary gland tumor surgery is also an ideal option for treating prolactinoma tumors.

Causes of Prolactinoma Tumors

Prolactinoma is just one type of tumor which is found to develop with the pituitary gland. Causes for developing these tumors are still unknown. Pituitary gland is basically a small bean-shaped gland which is situated at the base of brain. Despite the small size, this gland influences almost every part of the human body. Hormones produced by the pituitary gland help regulate important body functions including reproduction, blood pressure & growth. Other reasons for overproduction of prolactin include medications, underactive thyroid gland, injury to chest, pregnancy, breast-feeding & other types of pituitary tumors.

Signs & Symptoms of Prolactinoma Tumors

There are no signs are symptoms which are noticeable from prolactinoma. However, signs & symptoms are found to result from excessive secretion of prolactin in the patient’s blood (hyperprolactinemia or as a result of pressure on pituitary gland surrounding tissues due to the large size of tumor. Some signs & symptoms of prolactinoma are specific to males or females due to elevated levels of prolactin disrupting the reproductive system (hypogonadism).

  • Prolactinoma Can Cause the Following Signs & Symptoms in Males
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Decreased Hair on Body & Face
    • Gynecomastia – Uncommon Large Size of Breasts


  • Prolactinoma Can Cause the Following Signs & Symptoms in Females
    • Oligomenorrhea – Irregular Menstrual Periods
    • Amenorrhea – Absence of Menstrual Periods
    • Hirsutism – Growth of Acne & Excessive Body & Facial Hair
    • Vaginal Dryness Causing Painful Intercourse
    • Galactorrhea – Milky Discharge from Breasts without Pregnancy or Breast-Feeding


  • Prolactinoma Can Cause the Following Common Signs & Symptoms in Both Sexes
    • Lower Bone Density
    • Infertility
    • Visual Disturbances
    • Headaches
    • Loss of Interest in Sexual Activity
    • Hypopituitarism – Reduction in Other Hormone production by Pituitary Gland resulting from pressure of tumor


Women tend to notice these signs & symptoms earlier than men are able to, even when prolactinomas are smaller in size. This is probably because women are generally alerted by irregular or missed menstrual cycles. Men tend to notice prolactinoma signs & symptoms much later when the tumors are much larger & are most likely to cause headaches or problems with vision. However, it is time to see a neurologist so as to determine the cause when people develop signs & symptoms which are associated with prolactinomas.

Affordable Pituitary Gland Tumor Surgery in India

Pituitary tumor surgery cost in India is very reasonable & just a fraction of what brain tumor surgeries cost in developed countries like UK, Germany, Canada & United States. Moreover, pituitary gland tumor surgery in India is excellent & delivers success rates which are at par with the best in the world. These are the main reasons as to why international patients from all around the world are coming in growing number to India seeking a wide spectrum of affordable neurosurgery solutions including pituitary tumor surgery for prolactinomas.



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