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In today's era, India is becoming big and most popular medical hub for most of the surgery starting from the cardiac bypass, knee joint replacement, kidney transplant and now hair transplant.

As you need to know that India is one of the hottest destinations for hair transplant in India. From many other countries, people visit India for their hair transplantation.

Choosing a best and cost-effective hair transplant clinic is one of the most challenging works because many clinics are offering the low cost to lure the patients. But the result may become a disaster if the transplantation goes wrong.

Before finding the best clinic you need to find out the best surgeon. During the selection of surgeon, you need to check the credentials of the doctor. Check his research, awards and success rate. This wills you get on the internet or if you not then visit the clinic.

Best hair surgeons always offer the best natural look to the patients and always successfully design the hairline that it looks purely natural.

So always prefer the best doctor, not the best clinic. You also need to know why you should not to choose cheap hair transplant in India.

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Best Technique for Hair Transplant

There are different techniques of hair transplantation, which have very varied results.

So location doesn’t matter in it. Technique and surgeon matter a lot in hair transplant because of its effects on your whole appearance.

It is an artistry in itself and the most difficult part is that- How to find the right surgeon.

The two most common transplantation techniques are FUE and FUT.

You probably have seen some celebrities experiencing hair loss or baldness but now their hair is full and no sign of lines and cut. It only happens in the technique called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

This will give you a completely natural look without anyone ever knowing it.

In FUE, it removes individual hair from the donor side and with the help of small circular punches and then re-implant those follicular units back into the scalp of the bald area.

So always choose the best hair transplant clinic if want to go in safe hands of surgeons and while finding the surgeon it is important to look that the surgeon must be a member of the International Society of Hair Surgery.

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