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Cost of Advance Hifu Treatment for Prostate Cancer - Get the Best Price at Top Hospitals in India

Cancer in any body part can be a scary thing to the person getting affected by the menace. Similar is the story with prostate cancer. However, the good news is that this menace can be settled down employing a number of treatment options available in the oncology department of any hospital. One of the advanced procedures that help in killing this menace includes the HIFU treatment, which flushes out the cancerous cells from the body. India boasts at the top when it comes to cancer treatment, thanks to the high quality healthcare services, which attract the global patients from all the corners of the world. Interestingly, the Cost of Advance Hifu treatment for prostate cancer in India is simply less than half of the cost that people have to pay in the developed nations like the US and the UK. Well, let us check about the HIFU treatment option in the following paragraphs:

What is HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

HIFU is the acronym of high intensity focused ultrasound, which is a treatment options that helps in resolving 95 percent of prostate cancer patients without hampering the sex life. The surgeon using the high intensity focused ultrasound waves for targeting the prostate cancer in men wherein the disease had not been spread. The standard treatment option for treating prostate cancer can often lead to a number of undesirable side effects pertaining to erectile dysfunction & urinary incontinence. Once you understand about this procedure then you need to worry about the Cost of Advance Hifu treatment for prostate cancer in India.

Procedure - HIFU Treatment option for Prostate Cancer

One the treatment plan is seen getting complete; the shooting phase involved in this treatment option starts. The prostate cancer be easily treated in one pass with the lesion height ranging from 119mm to 26mm, which is called as the anterior posterior distance. The 400 to 800 adjacent lesions are simply required in order to cover the complete prostate volume. The tissue over the targeted areas are destroyed with very fast, intense and highly localized heat. Each of the ultrasound shot is seen in a oval shape that measures up to 26 mm high by 2mm or less in diameter. The process simply continues till all the targeted are properly treated. Thus depending upon the volume of the prostate and affected area, the time for the procedure takes, while the treatment option can last to a time frame of 2 to 3 hours. Once the procedure is done then you need to worry about the Cost of Advance Hifu treatment for prostate cancer in India.

Benefits of HIFU Treatment

When it comes to the HIFU Treatment, both the patient and doctors reap their own benefits; let’s check them out as under:

  • HIFU treatment is among the invasive procedures like the treatment options like prostatectomy, brachytherapy or cryotherapy.

  • This treatment options demands for a shorter amount of stay, which can less than 24 hours.

  • One can repeat the procedure as and when required.

So, apart from enjoying prostate cancer treatment cost in India, you can reap a number of benefits as indicated as above.

Advance Hifu treatment for prostate cancer in India

With a huge investment taking place in the domain of healthcare in India, the country is now competing with highly developed nations like the US or the UK. Getting high quality and low Cost of Advance Hifu treatment for prostate cancer in India is certainly not an exception. With more and more world class cancer hospitals emerging in the market, more and more global patients are seen flocking to India for the said treatment options. The Indian cancer hospitals are known to have highly competitive surgeons and cancer specialists that are known to give you one of the best healthcare services promising high success rate solutions.

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