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Different Power Chairs and Their Capabilities

Power chairs are built for convenience and to render a smooth drive. The position of the wheels in the rear, middle, or front definitely leaves an impact on the person driving the vehicle. All these three categories of power wheelchairs are meant for different environments. Earlier power chairs used to have a rear-drive only, but now things are changing with demand and need.

The front wheel drive power chairs are intelligently designed with the main wheels kept at the front. The weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed and it gets support from the front and back casters. This front-drive chair has an excellent suspension with shock absorbers fitted on all four wheels. You'll get to see that the front-drive power chair has 14'' drive wheel and larger 8'' to 9'' casters that make a smoother ride possible.

The second category is the mid-wheel drive suspension system that conforms to surface traction standards. So, now you can easily drive the power chair inside your house and rotate it 360 degrees in a single position. You'll get to experience a very stable drive on the mid wheel drive power chairs as they have both front and rear casters.

If you want to resort to the traditional rear-wheel drive, then back wheel drive power chairs are meant for you. The suspension is really good and it is most stable. When you take the vehicle outside for a drive, you can easily overcome obstacles on the way.So, when the question is about roaming outside, the back wheel drive is the most preferred choice.

All the power chairs are designed to move both forward and backward based on need. The casters are found both at the back and front to provide balance and support to the rider. The presence of the joystick makes it possible for you to have an easy ride. You can sit comfortably on the cushioned seat. Armrests and footrest make it comfortable for you to have a long time drive.A great turning radius will make you feel good while making sharp turns. The front, mid, and back wheel drive power chairs drive fast, covering 4-5 miles per hour with excellent battery support.


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