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Dr Anand Khakhar Liver Transplant Surgeon in Chennai An Innovator in the Liver Transplant Field

A liver transplant is an operation finished to update a diseased liver with a healthful liver or a section of a healthy liver. In some cases, it’s done in combination with other organ transplants, such as intestines or kidneys. The liver may come from a deceased donor or from what’s called a “living donor,” a family member or an individual who is willing to donate and is a suitable candidate. A transplant offers a chance for independence and better quality of life. Frequent medical supervision continues to be vital after a transplant, but this need does lower over time.

What to expect while getting treated by Dr Anand Khakhar?

  • Dr Anand Khakhar best liver transplant & hepatobiliary surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Chennai will assist you in preparing for your consultation.
  • Patient and family centered care from Dr Anand Khakhar top liver transplant & hepatobiliary surgeon in India.
  • Dr Anand Khakhar best liver transplant surgeon in India helps to manage liver disease, at times prolonging or even eliminating the need for transplant.
  • Dr Anand Khakhar liver transplant surgeon in Chennai applies the latest surgical strategies inclusive of laparoscopic liver resection and transplant, cadaveric or breaks up-liver transplantation, when suitable.
  • Wait times among the lowest with Dr Anand Khakhar and nearly three times faster than provided by other liver surgeon in the India.

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Dr Anand Khakhar philosophy of care in liver transplant surgery

Dr Anand Khakhar liver transplant surgeon in Chennai believes a liver transplant is a lifelong commitment for you and for him. He will stay involved with you and your family through the entire transplant process. Dr Anand Khakhar best liver transplant surgeon in India gets to know you very well and recognize that preparing for and living with a transplant will affect your lifestyle in many ways. He will help you maintain and resume many of his activities and even become involved in new ones. Dr Anand Khakhar top liver transplant & hepatobiliary surgeon in India is committed to the time, effort, and a resource requires making your transplant a success. His definition of success extends far beyond the operating room. He will work with you to make your life after the transplant as successful as possible.
World class liver transplant surgery by Dr Anand Khakhar best liver transplant surgeon in India
Dr Anand Khakhar best liver transplant surgeon in India is committed to compassionate patient involvement throughout the entire process: the initial evaluation, pre-transplant care, transplant surgery and follow-up care.  Dr Anand Khakhar top liver transplant surgeon in India has achieved his reputation as a world-class liver transplantation surgeon based on three key components: its model multidisciplinary approach to transplantation; its thorough and personalized medical evaluation process that includes searching for alternative treatments to transplantation; and its survival statistics, which are above national averages. 
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