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Dr. Ramdip Ray Offers Edge in Liver Transplant Surgery in India


A liver transplant is a surgery achieved to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver from some other person. The liver may come from a deceased donor or from a living donor. Family members or individuals who are unrelated however make an excellent match can be capable to donate a part of their liver this type of transplant is called a living transplant. A person who donates a portion in their liver can stay healthy lives with the remaining liver, which grows back to its full size.

Dr. Ramdip Ray a expert in liver transplantation in India

He is one of the most respected liver transplant surgeons in India. He possesses 17 +years of tremendous expertise in carrying out successful liver transplantation across the region. He is known as youngest liver transplant surgeon who has carried out complete 500 independent liver transplants with lowest biliary complication rate (less than 4%). Majority of his patients visit him for the most cost-effective post-operative care for biliary problems. Headed by eminent liver transplant surgeon, he tends to provide comprehensive care to patients from first evaluation to liver transplant surgery and follow-up consultation. He and his team have a collective experience of performing more than 2500 liver transplants with a success rate of 95% for sufferers and a 100% for donors.

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What makes Dr. Ramdip Ray transplantation the best in India?

  • He offers patients an alternative to long waiting periods for a liver
  • The most experienced surgeon, having performed large numbers of liver transplants provide care for each patient
  • The most reliable care available, anywhere with access to research programs that position at the forefront of newer developments in the field of liver transplantation
  • Total integration of care from pre-surgery management, through the liver transplant surgery and postoperative care
  • Apart from providing superlative degree of patient care, he offers liver transplant patients and their families the highest level of hospitality in a supportive environment.

Exceptional outcomes for liver transplant patients by Dr. Ramdip Ray

Dr. Ramdip ray best liver transplant surgeon in India offers the highest level of multidisciplinary, integrated care for liver disease and failure patients who may be considering a liver transplant. He takes on the most challenging cases, some of which were turned away by other surgeons in world.  A successful liver transplant surgery starts the moment you walk in the door. He will be thorough in your testing and complete in patient education. He will leave no question unanswered.  He is board-certified transplant surgeon who is widely regarded in both traditional and minimally invasive surgery. His patient is assessed in detail so that he can chart out a personalized treatment plan which would be best suitable for the patient based on their health for a transplant.  A thorough check is completed to determine that the patient does not have any other conditions or health problems which would involve risk for a liver transplant. He has one goal: restoring you to better health.

What choose forerunners healthcare consultant for liver transplantation in India? 

Liver Transplant requires holistic care by specialists. With a pool of the finest doctors, latest surgery techniques and thorough post-treatment care, Forerunners healthcare consultant has unarguably become one of the best medical providers for liver transplant. Forerunners healthcare consultant focuses on meeting all the needs of the patients by facilitating the highest level of liver treatments through its association with the best health centers across the country. Liver transplants with Forerunners healthcare consultant has 80% success rate and patient can enjoy a completely normal life after the transplant.  Forerunners healthcare consultant is one of the preferred partner for patients from international locations like Europe, middle east, Afghanistan, CIS countries and Africa, we ensure that the best advice is provided from at least two specialist hospitals and help patients make an informed decision before travelling to India.

Make your visit well planned and hassle free. Book your appointment online now at: and let our team guide you from there. Call us on: +91-9371136499. Write to us at Email-id: 



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