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Dr. Ravi Mohanka - Get Expert Opinion for Liver Transplant in India

Liver disease is the most common cause of death after heart ailment, stroke, chest infections and cancer. This includes replacement of patient’s diseased liver by using a new one that's derived either from a brain dead but heart beating donor i.e. a cadaver or from a living donor. If it is from a cadaver it is a complete one while that from the living donor is most effective 1/2 of it. Liver is a completely unique organ in human body and has a unique capability of regeneration. It has been seen that even 70 per cent of it can be safely removed without untoward consequences because to the capacity of regeneration. Read more to know, how this procedure in India can transform life.

How is liver transplantation performed in India?

The transplant is offered with the aid of some of the globally renowned hospitals. The best hospitals in India house some of the most experienced and skilled surgeons in the world like Dr Ravi Mohanka. It is important for end-stage disease patients to be searching of a highly experienced doctor. Finding a skilled hepatologist is not that difficult because the hospitals in country pay unique attention to recruiting surgeons who are certified some of the best medical establishments within the world. With regards to hospitals in Mumbai, there are some hospitals having records of success transplant surgeries so far.

How much is liver transplantation cost in India?

India has constantly been a leading destination in imparting high-quality healthcare treatment. Liver transplant cost is estimated to be less than half of what it costs in western countries. In the the western world, the transplant procedure is one of the most expensive- medical procedures. This is the reason why many patients from abroad prefer to travel to Asian countries inclusive of India to go through this procedure. The difference within the cost is huge despite the fact that the quality of services offered at both the locations is almost the same.

Dr. Ravi Mohanka your ultimate guide to liver transplant in India

Dr. Ravi Mohanka is the chief surgeon and head of department of liver transplant and Hepato-Biliary surgical treatment at Global Hospitals, Mumbai. He has undergone laparoscopic and robot surgery training in France and Italy. His areas of expertise and current practice include living donor and deceased donor transplantation, Hepato-biliary surgeries in adults and children including liver resections for Hepato-cellular Cancer and Peri-hilar Cholangiocarcinoma amongst others, Pancreas transplantation, Intestinal and multi-visceral transplantation. With over 3000 surgeries under his belt, he and his team have done more than 2500 procedures in India. They currently perform 30 liver transplants a month with 95% achievement results which are at par with the world's best elsewhere. No wonder, he gets referrals from throughout South Asia, Middle East, Far East and Africa, and has transplanted almost 750 patients from these nations. He strives to use cutting edge technology to allow affordable world-class transplantation facilities available to patients in India with end-stage organ failure.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Ravi Mohanka

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If you have a question about liver transplant surgery in India, or to make an appointment, call our friendly office today at +91 9371136499.


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