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Facial Hair Transplant – Important Things You Need to Know

Looks hold great importance for each one of us. While many people are happy with their facial appearance, there are others who are not happy with the facial parts that lack density and fullness, in terms of hair growth. For such men, it is now possible to achieve great looks by choosing to undergo the most commonly performed surgical procedure – facial hair transplant. In recent times, it has emerged as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures among men across the globe seeking proper and even hair growth on facial parts.

If you want to get the best and effective results then India is the country where you should undergo the procedure. The plastic surgeons practising in the country are renowned for their experience and expertise in this field. The cost of the entire procedure is just the fraction of what you might be paying in some other western country. Saying reasonably set price for plastic surgery procedures does not mean Indian Medical Tourism compromises on hygiene, facility and care. As a matter of fact, you can be assured to get the best of both worlds when you choose India for facial hair transplantation surgery.

You can easily find a surgeon who has expertise in performing FUE procedure. It is the most advanced technique to harvest follicles for facial hair transplantation. With this method, the follicular grafts are harvested from the back part or posterior of the scalp just like the traditional hair transplant procedures. Then the new hair grafts are re-implanted in the facial parts that need great facial hair density.

How well is the new hair growth?

The new facial hair growth is similar to normal facial hair. The texture as well as the other characteristics of the hair follicle harvested from the scalp, once grown can be shaved, groomed or allowed to grow to the length same to the native or original facial hair follicle. Once the transplant is done, the new growth of facial hair is permanent and no one can tell that these are transplanted hair.

To make sure that the new hair growth is natural, the plastic surgeon makes careful placements of the grafts at the right direction and correct angle. After donor harvesting, for optimal survival of the graft, it is important that the grafts are handles carefully.

The facial hair transplant procedure is done under local anaesthesia with an oral sedative. It takes nearly three to five hours to complete the procedure on the basis of the number of grafts to be harvested. The transplanted hair would start to fall out at nearly four weeks and then grow again at three-four months.

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