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Falling Asleep After Meals, Here’s Why?

Do you feel sleepy more often, especially after having food? If this is so, then what would be the possible reason behind this? Whether you say it’s drowsiness, sleepiness, dullness or fatigue, there might be several reasons.

If you are unaware of the reasons, then you just need to go through this article to know whether you need to get worried about it or not?

1. It’s Natural

According to the diet-experts and healthcare professionals, it’s all about the type of food that people eat, and these are the aftereffects on the levels of energy. Though, it’s all natural that you feel asleep after having food. Healthcare experts say; two significant factors got directly affected. Sleep drive and the circadian rhythm.

  • Sleep Drive

The sleep drive is controlled by the chemical accrual in one’s brain. It will also help us to know that how much time a person remains awake or asleep subsequent of meals. If the person awakes for a long time, then it means the brain is producing adenosine, which results in extreme sleep cravings. It will be most likely to happen in the noon and night as compared to mornings.

  • Circadian rhythm

It’s a sign that keeps your nervous system and body alert. The basic purpose of Circadian rhythm is to limit us from sleeping all day and responds to adenosine levels. It is a malfunction, and the drowsiness reveals itself in the early afternoon that is another reason why you feel sleepy after eating food.

2. Foods That Cause Sleepiness

As mentioned earlier, several foods might increase the tendency of falling asleep. The foods with larger quantities of sugar and carbohydrates are included in this category. In fact, when we eat meals, it affects the sleeping as there are following changes that occurred. 

  • Blood sugar

As we all know that our body cells got power from the glucose molecules that are developed by sugar/carbohydrates and starch. Our body gets fueled from both of them; certainly, carbohydrates have the tendency to metabolize faster than starch in the human body. Afterwards, converts into glucose only. Eventually, this glucose instantly boosts the amount of sugar in your blood, while causing large amounts of insulin to hoist and make use of extra glucose. It will let your sugar level drop instantly while draining the body energy and you’ll feel more tired.

  • Carbohydrates

It’s the simple science; every carbohydrate needs a particular enzyme to break down the large molecules into smaller ones. If, in case your body lacks certain enzymes, the process of degradation of carbs gets slower. Despite being sleepy or drowsy, you might also have the possibility of having gastrointestinal issues. So, its better to stay alert about the food you eat.

  • Tryptophan

Basically, it’s an amino acid. It also links with the energy drainage from your body, according to the study conducted in turkey. Above-mentioned carbohydrates will help in easing out the use of tryptophan in our brain. Thus, if your body contains increased levels of  tryptophan, it will probably raise the chances that you all asleep after eating. It is the major reason why people prefer to have some snacks before sleeping, as they contain large amounts of proteins and carbohydrates.

3. Might Be Any Medical Reason

If you are facing continuous sleep cravings and its increasing day by day, then it’s better to consult a doctor right away. It might be a medical reasons as well; such as diabetes, anemia, kidney problems, infection or hypothyroidism. There’s also a possibility that the continuous sleep cravings are due to the disparity found in electrolytes, not having a complete sleep at night or you have some allergic reaction. Or, in case if you become aware of any other reason, go to your doctor as soon as possible. That’s critical; don’t take it for granted. Otherwise, it might get even worse. 

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