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Find top Orthopedics Expertise with Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai at reasonable rates


When it comes to choosing orthopedic healthcare services for any global patient, one name that comes at the top, yes you guess it right- The Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai, which gives a high quality services at much reasonable cost.The Orthopedics department at this hospital has the privilege of being one of the leading back bones in India, which runs at the legacy of innovation and excellent services. All these Institutes are seen at the forefront in catering the latest in orthopedic treatments and the orthopedic surgical advancements seen on par with some of the best medical center sall across the globe. Interestingly, this hospital is among the most affordable place, which is known to cater high quality medical and healthcare services attracting global patients from different directions of the world. 

Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai - A hub of top doctors and high end facilities

The Apollo Hospital Chennai Doctors and the Orthopedicians are highly qualified and trained at the competitive center sall across the world that cater some of the latest and best techniques along with working at the best of facilities, which come along with the latest cutting edge technology in terms of infrastructure like machines, high end equipment, advance care operating rooms, high end recovery areas and extremely advanced Physical therapy facilities. The Apollo Hospital Online Appointment comes out to be a breeze at these hospitals, which make it the number one choice for the global patients. The Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai is known to have the top and committed orthopedic surgeries with laminar flow and various modern machines and equipment like operating microscope, computer navigator mechanism and high end arthroscopy system. All these factors remain the deciding factors for the global patients who are keen to consider India to be its top destination for various orthopedic surgeries and treatments.

Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai – Highlights

The hospital is known for a number of elements particularly the presence of Apollo Hospital Chennai Doctors& surgeons in the hospital, well the fact is you have a number of other features as well, which are clubbed as under :

  • The orthopedic institutes in the hospital is known to carry a number of surgeries of joints and bones along with the arthroscopic & reconstructive techniques that are hard to find at other places.   The joint replacements like knee replacements, hip surgeries both the complex and revised are carried out with highly skilled Apollo Hospital Chennai Doctors and surgeons with excellent outcoms.
  • Shoulder surgeries & the most complicated micro surgeries are carried out with great expertise and precision.
  • The Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai is a leader in procedures like ACI (Articular Cartilage Implantation), micro-fracturing, cartilage regeneration surgery, and mosaic-plasty are carried out. The Apollo Cartilage School is seen leveraging developments and evolutions taking place in Orthobiologicals and the growth factors simply helps in heralding a new-age of regenerative medicine.
  • The Orthopedic Oncology helps in treating a number of issues like the bone cancers, which happens to be the key specialization of Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai.
  • The hospital is known to have the modern Sports medicine centers where in a majority of sports injuries like damage to ligaments, cartilage and meniscus to name a few can be easily treated with the key-hole (arthroscopic) surgery. The severely damaged joints can be easily replaced whereas the artificial joints simply behave like the normal joints and can be seen lasting for around 20 to 25 years. Thanks to the Apollo Hospital Chennai Doctors& surgeons.


The Apollo Specialty Hospital Chennai is a blend of state of art facilities and the best care from the doctors and medical team is an interesting combination to have in any hospital. With high quality healthcare services at affordable cost orthopedic hospital in India offer cutting edge diagnostics methods and advanced technology supported treatment options with cost benefits, it has been attracting global patients from different nations and continents.

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