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General information is a network for doctors created by Internet Medical Society. offers businesses the possibility to advertise life science-related content on our website. Whether it is banner advertisements, special home page advertisements (in focus ads) or sponsored news articles, we offer a simple and straightforward system for you to submit ad content.

How much does it cost? 
Advertisement types and prices

1. Banner advertisements

There are 2 options for inserting banners in the lateral menu of this web








All pages

Above other contents

250 × 250 pixels

100 € /month

400 €/6 months

25% discount for orders >12 months


Main page

Below other contents

250 × 250 pixels

60 € /month

200 €/6 months

2. In focus advertisements

  • 250x250 pixels

  • displayed on the home page

  • 5 €/day per single advertisement (seven days minimum order)

3. Sponsored news

  • displayed on the home page page as one of six latest news submissions

  • displayed on the news overview page as one of four latest sponsored news articles

  • suitable for announcing new products and services

  • 25€ per sponsored news article

Submit advertising content

To submit ad content, please prepare the following information:

  • your name and email

  • advertisement type and size (see options below)

  • campaign start date

  • weblink (landing page for your advertisement)

  • advertisement in .jpg or .png format in adequate size and resolution

...and send it to

Custom campaigns

For more extensive or custom campaigns please contact us at

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