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Fortis Doctors Successfully Conduct Fibroid Surgery Patients from Kenya


India is regarded as the global nation when it comes to catering high quality healthcare services. This includes inviting a number of global patients all across the world. The country has witnessed a huge amount of investment in this field and thus brought in a decent amount of surge in the industry of medical tourism. The availability of best doctors and healthcare professionals having the top hospitals and clinics that brings in a huge amount of global patients all across the world. This certainly includes the country in Africa, which is Kenya. The overseas patients looking for fibroid surgery get the best of the treatment option, which is available at much of the affordable cost and added high quality services. Unlike a number of global patients coming from Kenya, Aduana Ayuk happens to be a lady who had come down to India for the fibroid surgery. How about catching up the gist of the same as under:

Short story of Patients Coming from Kenya - Mrs. Aduana Ayuk a lady from Kenya got her Fibroid Surgery in India

Mrs. Aduana Ayuk a housewife from Kenya had just paid a visit to India for her Fibroid surgery in India. Her life was in a great peril when she realized the fact that she needed a surgery for the fibroids she have over her uterus. Her doctor recommended India and the hospital Fortis to consider the same. However, soon she realized the fact that India only was regarded as the only place to consider the same considering the fact that here you get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. The lack of infrastructure in Africa led her to tread the path of India for the surgery but when she compared it with other overseas’ options she realized that India is the only the best option in terms of affordability which she can reap without hampering the quality of the healthcare services.

When she reached India she was attended by the concerned medical tourism company rep that took care of all the things right from managing the doctors to the hospital to carrying out a number of other things. Right from arranging the food, local transport and the entire fibroid surgery in India, IndianMedguru healthcare consultant has been very much professional and at its services for sure. Talking about the choice of Fortis Hospital Mumbai, it was regarded as the best in the country in terms of services, features, state of art facilities and other things which one can expect from the top hospital in the country. In terms of medical team and doctors, the hospital is simply par to any developed nations. She was very much impressed with the kind of treatment she has received at the hospital along with the surgeon carrying out the surgery.

Why Fortis Doctors Famous for Medical Surgery?

Fortis is one of the biggest brands when it comes to the hospitals and healthcare sector in India. It is one of the biggest brands in terms of having maximum number of hospitals not just in India but all across the world. The hospital is highly competitive in terms of state of art facilities and medical team. The hospitals have some of the best features, which play a vital role in fixing things right. The hospital is known to have the best medical team and top doctors in India, which is not only highly skilled but in terms of expertise which they have gained while working in the top and competitive hospitals under the guidance of skilled people and big names in the industry. This therefore attracts the global patients far and wide calling people not just from the nearby nations but all over the western world. 

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