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Fortis Escorts Hospital Delhi : find Top surgeons for Cardiovascular Surgery with Average price


India is not short of world class hospitals and Fortis Escorts Heart Institute is no exception. It is a known chain of hospitals in India and abroad, which is known to cater a wide range of healthcare services. However, talking about heart, the hospital is at the top, thanks to the pool of Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi, which makes the global patients take the hospital very much seriously. Also, with names like Dr. Z.S Meherwal attached to the hospital, Fortist has established parallel in terms of yardstick and making the group to be the fastest growing network of hospitals not just in India but also abroad. The global patients coming for a number of healthcare solutions including the heart ailments find Fortis to be the top choice as it caters high quality healthcare services with much of the affordable cost.

Escorts Synonymous to Cardiac excellence

When you talk about Fortis Heart Institute, the hospital is known to have carved its niche in cardiac care with paediatric path breaking healthcare services since past two and half decades. Today, we recognize this hospital to be the center of excellence rendering the modern technology in cardiac bypass surgery, Non-invasive Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Bypass Surgery and so on. The hospital is armed with one of the best advanced labs carrying out a wide range of investigative tests in the nuclear medicine field, biochemistry, transfusion medicine, radiology, and microbiology and transfusion medicine. It is has one of the best array of Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi like Dr. Z. S. Meherwal who leave no stone unturned to give nothing but the best to the patients coming with different heart ailments.

In fact, the hospital is known to have a vast pool of highly skilled and committed heart specialists, doctors and highly supportive medical staff that is known to work as per the high end technology including Dual CT Scan and other things. Currently you can find more than 200 cardiac experts and 1600 employees that work in the hospital managing a wide range of patient admission tolling to 14,5000 along with 7500 emergency cases received on an annual basis. Today you can find the hospital infrastructure having total number of beds to be 285 with 5 catch labs apart from the world class facilities in it. Together all these elements play a vital role in calling the global patients all across the world with care and professionalism.

Dr Z. S. Meharwal- Cardiac Expert of Par Excellence

If you talk about Fortis Heart care Institute one name that appears at the top is of Dr Z. S. Meharwal who happens to be the Director and Coordinator of Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery of the hospital. He is one of the founders of this hospital and known as the best surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi. He has MBBS degree followed by M.S in General Surgery and masters of Cardiothoracic Surgery from reputed King George Medical College, Lucknow. He has worked at a number of places including working as the Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the known King's College Hospital in London. His experience in cardiac surgery tolls to around 25 years wherein he has performed more than 20,000 surgeries to his credit including a number of simple and complex cardiac procedures. Dr. Meharwal is known for his teaching and training experience. Besides, he is also the program director of the complex DNB Cardiothoracic Surgery at this hospital.


Considering the high quality heart care services that is obtained with loads of care and professionalism along with the factor of affordability more and more overseas patients are seen planning for their surgeries here in Fortist India. After all they know they would get the access to doctors like Dr. Z.S. Meherwal the known Best Surgeon in Fortis Escorts Delhi.

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