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Gamma Knife Radiosurgery - Innovative Cure for Human brain Tumours inside India

Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a kind of surgery wherein the surgeon uses radiation therapy to flush out the tumours and other abnormalities found inside your brain. In this surgery, the surgeon uses a much specialised tool that focuses to 200 tiny beams of radiation over the tumour or other similar issues. Though each of the beams have a small impact over the brain tissues when it passes through, a very strong dose is seen given in the form of radiation. Though the patients suffer some amount of risk with this surgery, however, in terms of results it has proved out to be one of the best options to treat tumour and other issues. It is often a onetime therapy, which can be completed in just one day.

Why Gamma Knife Radiosurgery?

Gamma Knife radiosurgery is generally the most precise option to any standard brain surgery, which needs incisions to be made inside the skull and membranes surrounding the brain tissues and brain. This kind of surgery is opted for the following reasons:

You have a tumour or any other abnormality inside the brain, which is difficult to access with standard neurosurgery.

  • A person isn't healthy enough to undergo standard surgery
  • A person prefers a less invasive treatment option finds this surgery the best
  • In case if you are suffering from issues like brain tumour, arteriovenous malformation, trigeminal neuralgia, acoustic neuroma and pituitary tumours you become the best candidate for this surgery.

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Procedure & Recovery

This surgery involves treatment team approach for person undergoing for the same. The treatment team usually include a radiation oncologist, which is a person who specialises in treating cancer along with people like the neurosurgeons and the nurse. Besides, you also need a medical physicist and others work together to give the radiation does in order to get rid of this problem. In your treatment team, you may include a number of other healthcare professionals apart from the named ones. The Gamma knife system works on one of the three kinds of radiosurgery systems, wherein there are cobalt 60 systems that means to use it as a source of gamma rays, while the surgery is carried out on the outpatient basis.  This means you can return home in just one or two days.

After the surgery, you are supposed to be driven to home and on reaching their you will have to stick to normal diet along with normal activities and medications unless you get the physicians suggesting otherwise. You are supposed to be away from strenuous jobs like exercise and long time issues. You are required to use shampoo gradually and not allowed to scrub over the pin sites found over your head. However, you can do so once these are completely healed, which is within one week or so.

Gamma Knife radio surgery in India

India offers one of the best and painless options for neurosurgery and procedures like Gamma Knife procedure. The Gamma Knife radio surgery in India can be called as one of the best tools in order to fix the tumours and abnormal issues found inside your brain without getting any incision over it. With the help of technique called Gamma Knife radio surgery in India via the cobalt 60 sources, the abnormalities inside your skull are easily removed.  India is known to have one of the best hospitals and cancer hospitals, which are known to give the best services. The Gamma Knife radio surgery in India promises highest quality service unlike seen in the countries like the US or the UK. One of the striking features of Gamma Knife radio surgery in India is the low cost, which makes all the difference. 

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