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Get Better Diagnosis & Ovarian Cancer Treatments In India


Ovarian cancer is the most common type of gynecology disorder related to number of deaths of patients suffering from it. Ovarian cancer startswith abnormal growth of cells present in the ovary that form a lump or tumor which can be either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Malignant Cancerous cells are fatal as they spread rapidly to different parts of the body and cause severe damage to the body parts.The growth of ovarian cancer is slow and is diagnosed in advanced stage but if diagnosed early can help get better treatments. Usually an ovarian cancer develops inepithelial cells that protectthe outer surface of the ovary. Other, types of ovarian cancer may develop from the egg-forming cells called Germ tumors or from the associate tissuescalled Stromal tumors that help in producing certain hormones. Ovarian cysts that occur on the surface of the ovary are non-cancerous and are much more common than ovarian cancers.

Factors That Are Considered forThe Diagnosis For Ovarian Cancer

  • Age and overall medical health
  • Type of ovarian cancer assumed
  • Signs of the cancer
  • Earlier test results if any


There is no such early diagnosing tool that exists for detecting ovarian cancer. Several tests need to be performed for every individualwho seem to be at a high risk of getting detected with the cancer. If a woman is indicated to have all or few signs of ovarian cancer, a strong hereditary medical history, or genetic disorderslike BRCA mutation, doctors may monitor through any of the below mentioned tests -

Blood Test - A CA-125 is blood test that measures the tumor and is considered as a tumor marker. This test shows higher level of CA-125 in women with symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Transvaginal Ultrasound–In this test a Transvaginal ultrasound wand is inserted inside the patient’s vagina and is aimed towards ovaries that transmits images using sound waves and helps in detection of cysts and tumors.

Pelvic Examination– A pelvic examination includes Pap test and the usual basic diagnosis where the doctors feel the ovary, pelvis, and abdomen region for any unusual symptom. A pelvic examination may help in detecting an abdominal lump but it rarely helps in diagnosing ovarian cancer.

Other tests may include X-ray, CT Scans, MRI, PET Scan, Lower gastrointestinal (GI) series and Biopsy.

The above tests prove to be effective when combined with each other. Althoughno lab or imaging test has ever proven to be the best method of diagnosing an ovarian cancer in its early stages.

Treatment Options for Ovarian Cancers

Ovarian cancer is treated with one or more combination of medical procedures, but surgery and chemotherapy are the two treatments commonly used in treating ovarian cancer. Surgery for Ovarian cancer is performed through Laparotomy where incisions are made in the abdominal regionfor a Laparoscopy Assisted procedure which is Minimally Invasive surgery where a tube having a light and camera is placedinside the pelvic cavity. Other treatments include Systemic chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and Frozen Section Tissue Analysis.

Best Ovarian Treatments offered in India through Travcure Medical Tourism

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