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Healthline’s ‘You’ve Got This Campaign’ Offers Real-Life Advice from People Living with MS

The Twitterverse has been abuzz in recent months with Tweets about Healthline’s You’ve Got This – MS campaign. With just the curious click of a link, you can see just why all the buzz whether you’ve been affected by Multiple Sclerosis personally or not.

Healthline has managed to skip past the usual over-the-top and obviously scripted awareness campaign fodder by offering those recently diagnosed with MS advice from those who are actually living–and in one video loving—with MS.

Not to in any way trivialize the disease or the impact that an MS diagnosis has on a person, but this unique video project certainly does its part to make things seem not quite so bad. The purpose of the project is to help the newly diagnosed by letting them know that they are not alone and although the diagnosis may feel like the end of the world, it’s really the beginning of your life redefined. Take it from those who’ve “been there and done that” when it comes to living with MS.

Along with raising awareness, You’ve Got This is also raising money, with $10 being donated to the National MS Society for every video submitted. Who are these people submitting videos? They’re people living life with MS who want to do their part to support others who are exactly where they were. They have stories to share and advice to give that’s based on their own real-life experienced with the disease. From a couple who were both diagnosed with MS before they met and fell in love to a woman and her adorable dog and mascot whose MS diagnosis got her to slow down and realize her dream of becoming a writer and public speaker; the videos come from all kinds of different people with the same common goal: to show you that you’ve got this, really.

Submitting a video is simple and the most powerful videos are those that are homemade. You don’t need all of the bells and whistles like professional actors or sets to raise awareness and get your message out. This campaign proves every day that a connection to real people who know where you’re coming from goes a lot further.

Visit Healthline for the latest information on MS and other health matters.

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