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High heart transplant success rate in India drives global patients all across the world

Introduction to heart transplant

The heart transplant in India is a surgery that deals with replacing the dysfunctional and ailing heart with a functional and fresh organ donated by a deceased person. The surgery helps in giving the life to the patients who have no hopes to survive with his or heart. At such junctures, when the doctors feel that they can win life of the ailing patient with almost dysfunctional heart, they take the decision to change the heart with the healthy one. The surgery happens to be a major surgeries and fall under the open heart surgery and is carried out with good follow-up program. Now, time to dig in deep more into this surgery in the following paragraphs as under:

Who needs a heart transplant?

The surgery is carried out for patients having heart issues that cannot be fixed and it can be carried out on patients of any age group. The heart fails due to the following reasons

  • CAD ailment
  • Cardiomyopathy - heart muscle collapse
  • VHD
  • Born issues like CHD among the kids
  • The previous unsuccessful heart transplant surgery

Though the surgery is everyone below 65 years of age, yet there are certain conditions which have to be checked before making a patient eligible for the surgery. If you have serious blockages, typical medical conditions, have the history of cancer, if you are an alcoholic, you already have transplant surgery like VAD or pacemaker, etc. If you unfortunately fall into these categories, you do not become eligible for the said surgery.

What are the results of a heart transplant?

Most of the patients getting the heart transplant in India lead a quality life. The fact is the global patients looking for the surgery are even getting back to their normal activities like the physical activities after 2-6 months. Talking about the survival rate of the surgery, one can find the success rate reaching to 75 per cent in the coming five years. However, the survival rate would depend upon a number of things like the choice of doctor, hospital and the quality of cardiac care. However, not all are fortunate to enough to get the successful surgery as it may fail as well due to organ rejection or any other issue. This should not happen hence it is recommended to have the medication well and then adjust as per the required conditions to get the best results of the surgery.

What are the complications of a heart transplant?

The biggest risk or complication one can have after the heart transplant surgery is nothing but the rejection. The fact of the matter, our immune system are immuned with the organs we have, hence when a heart of another person is implanted, it has the tendency of rejecting it. But thanks to the advanced surgical methods and treatment options, the complications can avoided. The other complications that can be the part of this ailment include shortness of breath, fever, fatigue, not urinating and weight gain with the water retention. The other complications that can hamper include side effects due to medication, issues with arteries, cancer and other forms of infection.

What is the future of heart transplant?

It was fifty years ago when the first heart transplant was carried out and since then there has been a good growth in this field. Also, with passing time, there seems to be a good growth and development taking place in this domain. The future of the surgery is bright. All thanks to the advent of couple of newer and advanced transplant surgeries along with the immunosuppressive medications. Similarly, the heart transplant in India is likely to be seen developed and becoming advanced in the coming futures. So, needless to say that the survival rate after the surgery would boost in the coming times.

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