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Hip Resurfacing For Treating Adult Hip Dysplasia

Also known as ‘acetabulofemoral joint’, hip is a significant ball-and-socket joint. Uppermost portion of thighbone constitutes the ball whereas acetabulum of pelvis makes the socket. A healthy hip is important to bear the body weight while carrying out basic daily activities like running, walking, or merely standing. According to top healthcare reports, number of patients suffering from severe hip pain and deformities is increasing steadily. Hip deformities can be treated with medications and physical exercises. However, patients may require undergoing a surgical procedure if these treatment options fail to deliver desired results. 

What Does Adult Hip Dysplasia Mean?

Condition of hip dysplasia is commonly observed in children but it may develop in adults as well. Adult hip dysplasia is a condition which mostly occurs due to misalignment of ball and socket of hip joint. Prolonged misalignment may increase joint friction and accelerate degeneration of cartilage in hip joint. It can further result in distressing joint problems like osteoarthritis. Screening tests may fail to diagnose hip dysplasia at the time of childbirth. In most instances, adult hip dysplasia progresses because of an untreated loose hip condition in childhood.

What Are The Major Signs One Can Look For Adult Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia may not show any significant symptom in the beginning. However, worsening of this condition may impact adulthood. Major signs and symptoms of adult hip dysplasia are enumerated below.  

  • Abnormal turning of legs
  • Decreased range of motion of hip joint
  • Leg Length discrepancy
  • Abnormal gait due to dislocation of hips
  • Pain in groin region
  • Difficulty performing strenuous activities

Adult hip dysplasia treatment mostly depends on overall health and age of the patient. Hip dysplasia treatment cost may vary depending on severity of condition and preferred treatment procedure. Hip resurfacing surgery is considered to be the most efficient method for treating adult hip dysplasia.

What Is Hip Resurfacing Surgery?

Also known as ‘hip resurfacing arthroplasty’, hip resurfacing is a surgical intervention which is similar to a traditional hip arthroplasty. The only difference is that unlike a hip arthroplasty, orthopedic surgeons do not remove head of thigh bone, but trim it properly and apply metal covering. While the impaired acetabulum is completely removed and replaced with an artificial prosthesis. Indian country is a highly acknowledged destination for various medical treatments including hip resurfacing procedure. Patients seeking a quality and cost-effective surgery for adult hip dysplasia can opt for hip resurfacing in India.   

Advantages of Hip Resurfacing Surgery for Adult Hip Dysplasia

The following list describes the key benefits of hip resurfacing surgery for adult hip dysplasia.

  • Simple To Revise - Prosthetic implants may deteriorate with aging process. Patients may require an additional revision surgery to make hip joint stable again. Hip resurfacing surgery is easier to revise as compared to any other hip surgery.
  • Reduced Risk of Hip Dislocation - Ball used in hip resurfacing is much larger as compared to traditional hip joint replacement procedure. It helps to reduce the risk of hip dislocation.   

  • Normal Walking Pattern - Hip resurfacing maximizes patient’s quality of life by providing best beneficial outcomes. Medical studies reveal that patients who choose hip resurfacing for their hip dysplasia condition experience a much better and much normal walking pattern as compared to conservative hip replacement procedure.

Hip resurfacing procedure has a high success rate and it renders positive results in majority of cases. This is the reason why orthopedic surgeons rely on hip resurfacing surgery for adult hip dysplasia treatment.

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