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Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India offering Dr. Milind Wagh as Gift of Plastic Surgery this Christmas Holiday Season


India as we know is a also among the emerging places for healthcare services. In fact, if you check the latest report, it suggests that India will become a 200 billion dollar industry for medical tourism by the end of the 2020. In fact, currently it ranks the fifth position when it comes to medical tourism in the world. It has one of the best hospitals like Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India and top doctors like Dr. Milind Wagh who are highly skilled and educated that leave no stone unturned to keep the ball rolling for the global patients who come out to this place for the access of high quality healthcare services that are available at much of the affordable cost. The huge investment in this sector has given birth to top hospitals like Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India that has one of the best doctors like Dr. Milind Wagh who are known to give the global patients nothing but the best.

Dr. Milind Wagh the Best Surgeon from Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India: An Introduction

There are many reasons why Dr. Milind Wagh has become the best surgeon from Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India. Well, let’s start with his education he has done his masters in general surgery followed by his M. Ch in plastic surgery. He carries out a wide range of entire spectrum for cosmetic surgical procedures from the procedures like face lifts, ear shaping, Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasties, facial cosmetic surgeries, bloody contouring and cosmetic breast surgery. He specializes in procedures like breast reshaping, body sculpting procedure and surgical facial rejuvenation. He deals with procedures like hair transplantation, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reduction or lift, plastic surgery and correction of male breast. He has worked in a number of hospitals both India and abroad to become the best Dr. Milind Wagh who happens to be the best surgeon from Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India.Free Consultation with Dr. Milind Wagh Contact  by  email at or by phone no at +91-9373055368​​.

Dr. Milind Wagh the Best Surgeon from Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India field of Interest & Expertise

Dr. Milind Wagh who happens to be the best surgeon from Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India is known to have his own field of interest and special expertise. If you look at it, these can be divided into two special categories – reconstructive hand and microsurgery along with trauma reconstruction along with the second as aesthetic plastic surgery. These can be further divided in the following ways: 

Reconstructive Hand and Microsurgery AND Trauma Reconstruction

  • Free tissue transfers for both emergency and elective
  • Replantations and revascularisations of patients’ amputated limbs and digits
  • The clinical applications & future possibilities found in composite tissue transplantation procedures for the complex defects.
  • The expanded or prefabricated free tissue transfers, which are found in the functional reconstruction as well as the aesthetic surgery.
  • The physiology and clinical applications found in the process of controlled angiogenesis.
  • The congenital hand anomalies including the salvage of function and rehabilitation procedures
  • The functional reconstructions found in the post burns hand along with the extremity deformities.
  • The cosmetic rehabilitation procedures that are employed with plastic surgery like tissue expansion, prefabricated flaps and free tissue transfers in severe composite tissue losses in burns
  • The complex post-traumatic hand injuries along with the reconstructions or rehabilitation
  • The mechanics of the tendon transfers found in the peripheral nerve injuries, post-infective palsies and brachial plexus injuries.
  • The functional and aesthetic reconstructive options found in a number of post- ablative defects like the same in Head-Face-Neck tumors including the composite free tissue transfers.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

When it comes to aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Milind Wagh the best surgeon from Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India has following procedures of expertise:

  • The Breast augmentation by breast implants
  • The Aesthetic Breast reduction surgeries
  • The breast ptosis correction for correction of sagging breasts
  • Body contouring & Liposculpture by surgical lumpectomies, body lifts and liposuction
  • The aesthetic Rhinoplasty & the nasal cosmetic surgery
  • Eyelid Ptosis correction
  • Blepharoplasty (Aesthetic eyelid surgery)
  • The soft tissue filling & contour corrections by the fat injections
  • Facelifts, Necklifts and Browlifts
  • The surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Bottom Line

Dr. Milind Wagh has all reasons to be best surgeon from Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai India, which is the basic reason why more and more global patients are attracted towards him.

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