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How Corneal transplant in India is Saving the Life of People

Corneal transplant or corneal grafting or keratoplasty is a surgery which includes the substitution of a harmed or diseased cornea to reestablish and bring back full vision. The success rates of corneal transplant methodology are fundamentally high. Moderate and affordable corneal transplants in India are accessible at numeral of medical tourism destinations.

Low cost eye transplant surgery in India

Corneal transplant surgery includes the transplant of a harmed cornea in the eye with a solid tissue. The corneal graft is taken from either all or chose layers of the contributor. Depending upon the degree of harm, the patient may require a total eye cornea transplant in India or only a couple of changes in one of the layers of the cornea. The recovery of the patient after the transplant and the level of intrusiveness amid the surgery rely upon whether the whole cornea is replaced or only a couple of layers are transplanted.

Who Is Considered a Candidate for an Eye Cornea Transplant?

Corneal transplant surgery is regularly performed in order to restore vision to people having harmed cornea. This transplant surgery may likewise calm agonize and different indications and signs typically connected with diseases of the cornea.

An assortment of conditions that can be adequately treated with corneal transplant surgery incorporate –

Fuchs’ Dystrophy

Keratoconus – Cornea Bulging Outward

Clouding of Cornea

Swelling of Cornea

Thinning of Cornea

Corneal Scarring Caused by Injury or Infection

Corneal Ulcers – Including Ones Caused by Infections

Complications Caused by Prior Eye Surgeries

The risk associated with Eye Cornea Transplant surgery?

Although corneal transplant surgery is moderately safe, there is a small risk of serious complications, including –

Eye Infection

Rejection of Donor Cornea

Cataract – Clouding of Eye Lenses

Glaucoma – Increase of Pressure within Eyeball

Problems with Stitches – used to Secure Donor Cornea

Swelling of Cornea

Best and most experienced eye surgeons and best hospitals in India

India is one of the often visited medical tourism destinations. Its medicinal services foundation has enhanced significantly and an ever-increasing number of hospitals have experienced global accreditations like ISO, JCI, and so on corneal transplantation in India comes at a small amount of cost in the United States, which has to prevail with regards to pulling in a few medical tourists to India. Cornea transplant in India is a standout amongst the most moderate alternatives which India Organ Transplant consultants would readily arrange for you. Here is the list of low-cost eye transplant surgeon in India or best eye transplant surgeon in India

  • Neeraj Sandhuja
  • Parul Soni
  • Vishal Arora
  • Sameer Kaushal
  • Rajesh Rastogi

Some of the hospitals can be enlisted as under:

  • Fortis Hospital Delhi
  • Apollo Hospital Chennai
  • Max Hospital Delhi & Gurgaon
  • Medanta
  • Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai

Success rate of corneal transplant in India

Corneal transplant is viewed as the very effective organ transplant surgery. The rate of success depends incredibly on the degree and nature of injury to the eye. The success rate is as great as 89% with Keratoconus, 73% with Fuchs' Dystrophy and 60-70 % with corneal scarring.

Cost of a Corneal Transplant

India is one of the consistently visited medical travel destinations. India is known for its healthcare infrastructure with the most recent innovation and facilities. Because of this reason, the average eye transplant cost at the best hospital in India is just not as much as compared with different countries.

How to get free consultation rapidly?

India Organ Transplant is a global medical travel organization situated in India. We will likely have fulfilled and glad medical tourists. The ideal conversion of most astounding quality and cost-effectiveness is remarkable in India. There are many ‘centres of excellence’ in India, proffering the best of health courtesies to patients around the world. Fill out the free estimate request form for a free quote and more data.

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