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How Do you Know if you are A Lymphoma Cancer Patient?


Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system which is the body's disease-fighting network. It is the fifth most common type of cancer in the UK which can occur at any age even in children. It is nearly always treatable and most patients live for many years after being diagnosed with lymphoma. It is of utmost vital to choose the right doctors and the best hospital for Lymphoma cancer treatment in India. Indian Medguru Consultants help the international patients to get the lymphoma cancer treatment in India at a cost that suits their budget.

What are the Symptoms of Lymphoma Cancer

The most common symptoms of lymphoma cancer are:

• Swollen lymph nodes
• Unexplained weight loss
• Fatigue
• Itching
• Night Sweats
• Fever
• chest symptoms
• lumps in other areas (Ex : In the breast, testicle, neck, or cheek).
• skin symptoms
• Stomach (abdominal) symptoms pain
• Brain and nerve symptoms

How Do You Get Lymphoma Cancer?

Lymphoma cancer can develop due to the changes in the genes of a lymphocyte which is a type of white blood cell. These changes will alter how the cell grows and divides or it may prevent it dying when it normally should do. Usually, more than one change happens in the genes before a lymphoma develops.

Although we now know a lot about the gene changes in different types of lymphoma, but in most cases no one really knows what makes the changes happen. Probably this is because lymphomas are caused by lots of different things which affect each genes in a small way. Sometimes, the scientists call this the ‘multi-hit theory’. There are some things which are known to increase the risk of developing lymphoma often called as the ‘risk factors’. They have been linked with certain types of lymphoma or are seen more often in lymphoma cancer patients. They are not a cause on their own.

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Few Known Risk Factors for Lymphoma Cancer Include

1. Certain infections
2. Problems with the immune system
3. A close relative having lymphoma
4. Getting older
5. Previous treatment for cancer

Other things that have been studied but are less clearly linked include chemicals and certain jobs where people use these lifestyle, including smoking, diet and obesity.

How Effective Lymphoma Cancer Treatment in India

Several factors will be taken into account when deciding on lymphoma cancer treatment in India. These include lymphoma cancer patient’s age, stage of lymphoma, sub-type of lymphoma, its likely progression and the possible side effects of the treatments. The lymphoma cancer treatment in India include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, steroids, monoclonal antibody therapy and transplants. The lymphoma cancer treatment in India is quite effective when you get arranged it with Indian Medguru Consultants. This is because we have strong bonds with the best hospitals with world class infrastructure, latest technology and modern equipments, from the highly qualified and experienced medical professionals and staff.

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Indian Medguru Consultants is a highly reputed and quality medical value provider in India assisting the global patients seeking their lymphoma cancer treatment in India. Our medical group offers the lymphoma cancer treatment in India at an affordable cost as compared to the highly expensive treatments in the developed countries such as the US and the UK. There are no waiting periods and we also help with your medical visas, arrangement your travel, transport, meals, stay, etc. for your medical trip to India.

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