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How is FUT Hair Transplant Technique Effective over FUE

The technique of hair transplant has a major decisive role in terms of obtaining the feasible number of grafts/follicular units, offering high-density results as well as covering the greatest grade of NW-baldness. The hair transplant procedure’s success is all based on the technique selection recommended by the performing surgeon. However, it is advised that to attain the primary consultation with your Doctor, if proceeding for the surgical option. Receiving the hair restoration surgery is only and only permanent solution to the problem of hair loss/baldness and apart from other alternative options, it gained a value importance in the field of hair transplant surgery. The hair transplant cost is greatly affected by the practiced technique; therefore it must be opted carefully as according to the state of hair loss and the adaptable condition to receive the best outcomes of the surgical procedure. There are two cosmetically accepted techniques in the hair restoration, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE. Both these techniques are used to extract the hair roots in order to cover the balding areas with the utmost aesthetic manner. Before proceeding to the points of characteristics, it is important to know each technique separately so that it will help us to decide the most selective one to overcome the issue of hair loss.

What is the FUT Hair Transplant Technique?

The FUT technique of hair follicle extraction involves the excision of the skin’s strip from the back sides of the scalp containing DHT-resistant hair roots. The resistivity property of the DHT hormone makes this technique more effective in the hair restoration procedure world by offering the maximum number of hair roots to cover the highest degree of Norwood baldness. The FUT or strip method of the hair root extraction weighs a prime place in the surgical restoration that offers only the permanent grafts/hair roots that lasted forever. It has an attribute of offering the numerous grafts in a single time via the strip that makes the technique compatible to give the best dense-packed results.

What is FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

The FUE technique of hair restoration is the process of extracting an individual hair root in a single time followed by the punching tool. It caters to the dynamic punching process in order to extract the graft leads to heavy graft damages, subsequently affected the outcomes of the procedure. It is based on the blind approach as the punching direction is free from the exact angle and direction of the hair roots. This is difficult to decide the angle and direction of the hair roots from the upper skin layer of the scalp and so the damage rate gets high.

How is FUT effective over the FUE Hair Transplant?

The effectiveness of the technique depends on the several factors that help in achieving the desired or expected results of the procedure. The FUT has the most important advantage associated with the permanent effect of the implanted grafts/root.  

The Advantages of the FUT technique over FUE:

  1. The Permanent Result: The FUT only gives the permanent results because of the safe area’s hair root extraction via the strip of the skin from the back of the scalp. The DHT-resistant properties of the back areas’ of the scalp confirm the sustainability of the graft that lasted forever, whereas FUE can offer you the temporary results due to the random punching process.
  2. The Capacity to cover the bigger grade of baldness: It is an absolute possible with the FUT technique that the strip can offer a maximum number of grafts in a single session. The strip contains the bunches of follicles that are easily dissected under the higher magnifications, which makes the possibility of obtaining the mega number of grafts, whereas FUE is individually extracted via the punching machine reduces the donor area’s capacity gives a lesser number of grafts.
  3. The High-density Hair transplant: The dense-packed of hair is all possible with the strip method of the surgery because of the possibility of a number of graft extractions in a single session. But, in the case of FUE, it is quite difficult to offer the adequate amount of graft to fulfil the implantation needs in a single session.
  4. The Scarless Result: In order to avoid the restoration scars, the advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure is applied to remove the donor scars in the FUT technique. Only a linear donor scar can be seen with the virtually undetectable presence that can be minimized by the practice of the expert hair surgeon. On the other hand, the FUE technique leaves multiple rounds and white scars on the donor portion due to dynamic punches gives the scar-resultant effect of the hair transplant procedure.


Selecting the FUT hair restoration technique is the best decision; if you possess a good donor supply as it also fulfils the cost-effective need by offering a greater number of grafts in a single hair transplant session.

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