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How it is done Open or Closed Nose Surgery? Indications of Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is a well-known fact that men and women alike can benefit from the nose surgery procedure. Nose surgery in Delhi is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. A large number of teenagers are opting for it, however cosmetic surgeons take utmost care when assessing whether or not teenager is the right candidate for the procedure. Only is a nose is fully developed that the surgeon will perform surgery. 16 for boys while 14 for girls is the right age for rhinoplasty. Younger patients should have emotional maturity and understanding regarding cosmetic surgery procedure.

Indications of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty are done for different reasons-

• Conginental defects like secondary cleft lip nose deformity
• Traumatic disruption of normal structure of nose so that the nose is asymmetrical.
• Purely cosmetic reasons like hump correction, length correction, or for decrease in height of nose etc.
• Correction of structural as well as functional deformity (deviated nasal septum with crooked or off-center dorsum , or damaged valves)
• Nasal tip ; drooping, rotating, boxy, bulbous or bifid.
• Excessively flared or pinched nostrils

How It Is Done?

Nose surgery is done by two methods

1. Open 
2. Closed

Advantage of open rhinoplasty is good visibility of all the defects but at the same time it is more difficult and requires training and expertise.

Closed rhinoplasty is comparatively easier but field of vision is restricted and so all the deformities cannot be corrected by this. It has got limitation of vision as well as surgical outcome.

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