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How long does it take to recover from Spinal Fusion Surgery?


Spinal Fusion is a highly specialized and efficient surgical procedure that is done to address problems affecting the vertebrae. It is a ‘welding’ process, the primary aim of which is to fuse the painful bones (vertebrae) together to merge and heal them into a single bone.

This procedure is recommended mostly when the surgeons can aptly pinpoint the reason of the back pain. To diagnose this, generally the patients have to go through imaging tests like X-rays, CT scan or MRI scan.

Spinal Fusion can be immeasurably advantageous for patients suffering from many difficult types of Spinal disorders like:

  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Fracture
  • Scoliosis
  • Infection
  • Tumor

The Spinal Fusion surgery avoids the stretching of the nearby nerves, muscles and ligaments and also eliminates the motion between the vertebrae.

Spinal Fusion Surgical Approaches

  • Anterior approach – in this the spine is approached from the front and an incision is done in the lower abdomen
  • Posterior approach – in this approach, the surgeon reaches the spine from the back
  • Lateral approach – when the surgeon approaches the spine from the side, it is referred to as the Lateral Approach

The possibility of getting these approaches done in India is very high and that too at very cost effective prices. Despite being a very advanced procedure, the Spinal Fusion procedure is priced very reasonably in India that is at $10,300 whereas the same surgery in USA is priced at $1,10,000.

Benefits of Spinal Fusion Procedure

Spinal Fusion is a highly favoured procedure owing to the excellent bunch of benefits that it proffers:

  • Once fusion is done, there are hardly any chances that the patient will need a surgery again on that level
  • A fusion can address any deformity that the patient had before this surgery and the original alignment of the spine is restored
  • This further reduces the chances of wear and tear of the neighbouring levels
  • Patients with unstable spinal column also benefit majorly from this procedure

Recovery time

The recovery period is very crucial for this procedure. Spinal fusion surgery recovery time is of about three months, which is needed for the fusion to achieve its original maturity so that the patients can get back to their pre-surgery routine successfully. To ensure faster and smoother road to recovery, surgeons generally limit the activities that involve lifting, bending or twisting the lower back, or vigorous kind of activities like running and other sports.

It also depends on the type of fusion that has been done; a brace might be used surgery – either a soft corset brace or a more rigid plastic custom-moulded Orthosis. Further, the fusion site may also be augmented with the help of bone growth stimulators.

What to expect after Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Life after Spinal Fusion surgery is a bit restricted till the fusion has successfully healed and the surgeon has given a go ahead to carry on with the routine activities. Also, the patients need to follow the instructions of the Spine specialists to ensure the best and successful surgical outcome. Also, depending on the kind of Spinal Fusion done, the patients need to be mentally prepared for the recovery time accordingly.

Also, once the patient has stabilized to some extent, with the consent of the surgeon, he or she can go for physiotherapy, which can be extremely for the improvement of the patient’s condition.

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