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How Much Does Gynecomastia (Male Breast) Surgery Cost in India.

Gynecomastia and it's Causes and Symptoms

In Gynecomastia breast tissue in boys and men tends to swell. This happens because of the imbalance arises between two hormones in our body. We all know that the breast doesn't develop in men like the way it develops in women. While all males have a small amount of breast tissue present in them at the time birth. Testosterone hormone is present in a male's body which helps in their sexual growth during the puberty period. Although estrogen is also found in males. But this hormone is responsible for sexual growth in females. Gynecomastia occurs when a male is going through his puberty, or in older age When his body makes less testosterone, and the balance between the two hormones changes. For Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi visit Dr. P.K Talwar. He provides the best male breast reduction in Delhi. There are many things that Tigger the hormonal imbalances which cause male breast growth. It can be caused due to any injury or disease that somehow affect the testicles. Another reason may be thyroid, as the hormones from that gland control growth and sexual development. Few cancers, tumors of lungs, pituitary glands and adrenal glands, obesity and consumption of drugs like heroin, anabolic steroids, marijuana, kidney failure, and liver disease. The first symptom of Gynecomastia is a lump of fatty tissue under the nipple. 

Cost of Gynecomastia

The cost of Gynecomastia surgery varies from clinic to clinic, city to city and even from country to country. In India, its cost ranges from Rs 65000 to Rs 1lakh. The cost also largely depends on the fat to be removed. And other factors like sculpting needed,  and the type of technology to be used and other things. 

Cost is also the deciding factor that lets you know whether you can go for the treatment or not. So, we at Dr. P. K Talwar's clinic offer Gynecomastia surgery at the lowest possible prices. So that most of the people can take advantage of it. 

Why choose us? 

Dr. P. K Talwar is one of the highly renowned cosmetic surgeon based in Delhi. We aim at providing world-class treatment at the lowest possible prices to our clients. We use the most innovative and advanced techniques for treatment that ensures a good result. We have clients from a different plethora of industries. We have a team of expert and experienced surgeons. So, that you won't experience any kind of inconvenience during your treatment.

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