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Do you want to grow your hair overnight?

There are many nutrients that can make your hair grow faster. And proper care is also very helpful to grow your hair longer and stronger. You can try many effective treatments like oiling, proper diet, medicines, and other medical treatments. Bad lifestyle, straightening, perming, chemical treatment, etc make your hair fragile and damage. And it can also cause hair to fall. Excess hair fall can affect your self-esteem. If you notice that you are losing more hair than usual then don’t take it easy. You should visit a doctor and take advice on what is the Best Hair Transplant Surgery in delhi options available for your hair problem. 

Causes of hair fall:

Hormone imbalance: hair fall can be caused by changes in hormones caused by birth control pills pregnancy, delivery, and menopause in women. 

Thyroid problem: if you have a thyroid problem then your hair growth cycle may change. Because exercise or insufficient amount of the thyroid hormone can cause hair fall.

Stress: hair fall can be also due to stress. It can cause sudden hair loss. 

Illness or surgery: the process of hair growth may stop for some time due to any surgery or any disease. 

Medicines or vitamins: in cancer chemotherapy is made to kill all the rapidly growing cells of the body. In the process, the roots of the hair are also attacked. This is the major reason for hair fall. Sometimes hair loss can also start due to the side effect of some medicines. Excess intake of vitamin-A can also a cause of hair breakage.

Genetic problem: Hereditary is the most common cause of hair fall. But aside from genetic hair fall can be caused by various factors. 

Harsh hairstyles / over-treated hair: harsh hairstyles can inflame an

READfut vs fue hair transplant in Delhi

d scar hair follicles. You should always avoid using hairstyles that consistently use rollers, rubber bands, hairdryers, etc. bleaches and dyes can lead to hair fall due to the toxic chemicals found in them. 

Nutritional deficiencies: excessive dieting or lack of nutrients in food can cause hair loss. A lack of proteins, vitamins, and minerals can be responsible for this.

Aging: aging is another reason for hair fall. As you age the rate of your hair growth tends to slow down. Your hair strands get smaller and become thinner. 

How to control hair fall?

Healthy diet: your hair needs the right nutrients particularly protein and iron. Eating a healthy diet can make your hair strong and healthy.

Exercise: eating a healthy diet is not enough to stop hair fall. Along with your balanced diet you need to do exercise, yoga, and meditation. Yoga and meditation are very effective ways to reduce hair fall. 

Avoid chemical treatments: hair treatments like straightening and curling are very dangerous to your hair follicles. If you use chemical products on your hair it can be harmful in the long run.

Shampoo/conditioner: it is very important to choose the right shampoo and conditioner according to your scalp type. Always try to use paraben-free shampoo. 

Hair transplant treatment: if you are facing excess hair fall then you need to see a Best Hair transplant surgeon. Hair fall can be stopped if treated with appropriate medicines and treatments. PRP, FUT, and FUE are some common methods to get back your hair again.

Grow your hair naturally:

At Dr. P K Talwar we provide various treatments for Hair transplant in South Delhi. Our dermatologists and surgeons recommend natural and safe treatments to treat hair loss problems. You can see the visible results within a few weeks. 

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