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Inter Laminectomy: Why You Should Go for the Surgery?

Inter Laminectomy Overview

Inter Laminectomy is basically a surgical procedure wherein a bony area portion found in the spine known as lamina is removed. The lamina found in the back portion of each and every vertebra found in the spine, which grows up to form a back wall inside the spinal canal. This procedure is also called as spinal or lumbar decompression, which helps in relieving the pressure incurred by spinal nerve and thus gives the ease to neck, back and removes the discomfort witnessed in your legs owing to certain condition or diseases found in the spine. Back pains have been a common problem faced by men of different age groups and one of the effectives ways to get rid of the same is to opt for Inter Laminectomy. 

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Inter Laminectomy Procedure?

You can choose this procedure once your pain and discomfort reaches to its zenith and hampers your day to day life. After trying all the non-surgical option, if you are still facing the following problems, you end up becoming a good candidate of Inter Laminectomy Procedure:

  • Experience significant pain and weakness/numbness in your foot
  • Experience leg pain more than the back pain
  • Face trouble while standing or walking
  • Face too much of weakness or lose all your control over bladder and bowel
  • When all the nonsurgical options including medications, therapies, etc, have failed

Inter Laminectomy Procedure & Recovery

The surgeon starts the procedure of Inter Laminectomy by making a surgical incision over your backbone (vertebra), which gives him the access to spinal cord associated structures. This is generally performed inside the lumbar or cervical regions and in rare cases in the thoracic area. As said above, this procedure is carried out simply to relieve the pressure over the spinal cord or the spinal nerves in order to get rid of the herniated inter-vertebral disc or just to remove certain tumours present.

This procedure is often carried out under general anaesthesia, while the position in which the patient is placed over the OT table would depend upon the position of herniated disc. After the procedure, the patients are required to stay for not less than a week, which will keep them under observation till the healing process comes to a process stage till they do not have any postoperative complications. If stitches are used, the doctors are generally will take his time. A majority of surgeons will give a discharger after one week and will call you for a follow up session after 4-8 weeks.

Is Inter Laminectomy  Effective?

The success rate of this surgical procedure is often favourable as it helps in reducing the pain due to spinal stenosis. As per reports, around 80 percent of patients are seen with good amount of improvement in their pain and thus are able to resume their normal life without any hassle or issue. In other words, most of them are able to get rid of the pain and discomfort, which come along with issues like spinal stenosis. A very small amount of people are seen with the symptoms, which will further demand the patients to take a road ahead for a permanent solution.

Why Choosing spine & Inter Laminectomy  is necessary? How it will Change your lifestyle?

One of the key reasons for option Inter Laminectomy is to fix the herniated intervertebral disc. This can further bring is causing the sciatic nerve pressure with pain going over the leg along with the adding weakness to the muscles in the affected areas of your leg or foot. The other key reason for opting this procedure is to fix the spinal arthritis and degeneration.  Thus your life, which was affected due to the pain and discomfort in your back and leg pain gets back to normal within 8 to 10 weeks to more than 80 percent of patients going out for this procedure.

Why to choose Indian Hospital for your Inter Laminectomy?

India boast for its high end and best facility based spine speciality hospitals, which is known for offering one of the best spine care treatments and procedures. These are being manned by competitive team of experienced and skilled spine surgeons. The hospitals are armed with state of art facilities, which help in giving patients the best services of high quality unlike the ones you get at developed nations like the US or UK. Right from having the best medical team to high end medical equipments and devices, the Indian spine hospitals are much to offer in terms of high end services for Inter Laminectomy procedures.

Inter Laminectomy Cost in India

One of the key features of Inter Laminectomy in India is the cost factor, which attract medical tourists from far and wide. The Inter Laminectomy Cost in India ranges from 5000 to 7000 USD, which is 30 to 40 percent lesser than the treatment cost incurred at developed nations. And the best part is, you get the same high quality services in India, which is being promised by developed nation hospitals with much higher rates at developed nations.

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