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 Itching is generally a discomforting ailment, when associated with vagina it can be quite uncomfortable. Vaginal itching sometimes referred to as vaginitis results in inflammation which is often accompanied by pain and discharge. It is a common occurrence that women experience during their lifetime. There can be many factors that lead to this, most commonly it is caused by infections and change in the balance of vaginal bacteria. 


  • Bacterial vaginosis, inflammation of the vagina occurs when there is an overgrowth of the naturally present bacteria. This is followed by burning, discharge, and smelly odor. If left untreated this leads towards infection.
  • vaginal candidiasis or yeast infection is caused when the yeast candida grows on an abnormal rate leading to discomfort in the vagina and vulva region.
  • Menopause is another factor due to which itching is experienced, as a woman enters the end of her reproductive cycle, the vaginal wall dries and thins out, resulting in discomfort and itching.
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STDs). Along with other symptoms, itching is a major indicator of STDs.
  • Contact dermatitis, a number of factors contribute to this, ranging from chemical irritants to clothing. It causes rash-like itching symptoms.


Although in most cases vaginal itching is not a cause for major concern, however, there can be a number of other factors, so it's better to consult with respective health care providers.

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