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The Internet Medical Society (IMS) is an independent, apolitical organisation funded in 2005 and based in London (UK).  The IMS is an online group of doctors and other health professionals dedicated to utilizing the Internet to bring the very best health care to people worldwide.

Our aims are:

  • to promote the safe and responsible practice of medicine online
  • to study and promote the use of internet in healthcare from both scientific and socio-cultural aspects. 
  • to develop a worldwide network of healthcare professionals to promote internet-based medical training and practice.
  • to provide a broad range of educational activities and opportunities for doctors, both physicians and surgeons, including students of these disciplines, and for allied healthcare professionals.
  • to promote an exchange of information and ideas on the science, practice and organisation of medicine, both within the health professions and with responsible and informed public opinion.

As the world's health care systems continue to evolve, the IMS is dedicated to ensuring sustainable physician practices that result in better health outcomes for patients. This work is captured in the IMS's strategic plan, which aims to ensure that enhancements to health care worldwide are physician-led, advance the physician-patient relationship,  and ensure that health care costs can be prudently managed.

We are in search of enthusiastic doctors willing to build a dynamic and rigorous medical society. We need your contribution. Please, join here and leave your comments in our groups; it is free!

Best wishes,

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