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Kenyan Patient receives orthopedic surgery in India via Tour2India4health Group

Kenyan Patient Mr. Edwin Otiego undergoes orthopedic surgery India with assistance from Tour2India4health Group. Our group has been assisting the global patients seeking affordable orthopedic surgery cost in India from the best hospitals and orthopedic surgeons across the country. Mr. Otiego shares his story here:

Hello, my name is Mr. Edwin Otiego from Kenya. I traveled to India for low orthopedic surgery in India with Tour2India4Health group. I still remember the horrifying feeling of having uneven legs after the hip replacement surgery. I knew immediately that something was not right. It was as if I grew almost two inches and when I sat you could see that my right knee was about two inches longer. All this was due to the second hip surgery I underwent around three years ago at my native country. The first time I underwent the surgery for a labrum tear while the second for a total hip replacement. To be very honest, I lost around three years of my life. Before my hip problems, I was an active person who used to travel to work, vacation with my wife and enjoyed playing with my grandson.

The discrepancies beyond three fifths of an inch has started to greatly impact my life with complications such as excruciating leg pain that made standing or even sitting nearly impossible. It was then that I started to search for better orthopedic treatments abroad. I came across this medical consultant group in India- Tour2India4Health that has been providing complete assistance to the global patients with comprehensive services and care while undergoing the orthopedic surgery in India. I went through the information that was given on their website and also listened to few patient testimonials where the foreign patients were expressing about their experience during the medical trip to India. Impressed by it, I decided to send my query by filling up thee Free Consultation Form on their website.  I was quite surprised by with prompt response from their executive who asked me to send my medical reports. The executive was soft spoken and explained me that they will provide me with few medical opinions from their panel of doctors after the study my medical history and reports.

Within a week times, I received few medical opinions from the doctors suggesting the orthopedic surgery. After discussing about the low orthopedic surgery cost in India with my family, I gave them my confirmation to fly down to India for the surgery. My wife and son accompanied me through this journey to India. The group helped us with the medical visa letters, flight bookings, pickup and drop at airport, arranging our accommodation, schedule doctor’s appointment, etc.

An official welcomed us at the International airport and escorted to our accommodation. That evening we went to the hospital wherein we met the doctor who was to perform my surgery. He was a gentleman who explained us about the surgery and what to expect before, during and after the surgery. This helped us relieve from all our worries and anxieties about the surgery.  According to the doctor, I was fortunate that I didn’t wait to correct the problem and so my surgery was successful.

I want to thank my doctor, nurses and the hospital staff for their support and care during my stay at the hospital. I am thankful to the group of Tour2India4Health for their continuous support and assistance with planning the affordable orthopedic surgery in India and would recommend them to anyone seeking orthopedic surgery India. God Bless You!

Thanking You,

Mr. Edwin Otiego,


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