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Know all about Robotic Surgery Procedure, Benefits and its Application

Robotic surgery : Introduction

Robotic surgery procedure allows doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than which is possible with traditional techniques. Usually, the robotic surgery application is related to the minimally invasive surgery procedures that are done through tiny incisions. Considering the benefits of robotic surgery, it is sometimes used in certain traditional open surgical procedures.

How it is done?

Robotic surgery application has been rapidly adopted by the hospitals for treating a wide range of conditions. The most widely used clinical robotic surgical system includes a camera arm and mechanical arms with surgical instruments attached to them. The surgeon controls the arms while seated at a computer console near the operating table. This console gives the surgeon a high-definition, magnified, 3-D view of the surgical site. The surgeon will then lead other team members who are assisting during the robotic surgery procedure.

Applications of Robotic Surgery


The robotic surgery application for general procedures such as cholecystectomy, gastric bypass, adrenalectomy, heller myotomy, esophagectomy and niseen fundoplication. It allows completion of complex and advanced surgical procedures with increased precision in a minimally invasive approach.


The robotic surgery application for thoracic procedures include esophageal surgery, Lobectomy, biventricular resynchronization epicardial leads, thymectomy and mediastinal tumor resection.


The robotic surgery is also starting to have a significant impact on cardiac surgery. Its applications include mitral valve repair, Atrial septal defect repair and coronary artery bypass.

Benefits of Robotic surgery

  • Improved precision and dexterity
  • It is flexible and allows control to the surgeons while performing delicate and complex procedures
  • Benefits of robotic surgery can be applicable to wide range of procedures
  • Safe as many series of cases have reported favourable outcomes
  • Fewer complications such as surgical site infection
  • Quick recovery with less pain and blood loss
  • Less anesthesia
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Small, less noticeable scars
  • Can return to normal activities quickly

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Successful Robotic Surgery in India

Under the able leadership of world renowned doctors the robotic surgery in India is highly successful. The hospitals in India has an ultra-modern infrastructure including the state of the art da Vinci Surgical System that ensures patients to get world-class care at affordable prices.

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