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Laser Treatment for Slipped Disc in India with Least Surgical Risks

Many advanced spine surgery hospitals of Mumbai, Nagpur and Delhi are now providing laser treatment for slipped disc in India. The surgery of laser spine is a very minimally invasive medical procedure that cures numerous painful conditions of the spine.  This medical surgery does not need the opening up of the spinal canal to be opened up. This surgery is done by making very small incisions in the spine that are lesser than ½ half of an inch.

The loss of blood is very less in laser spine surgery. Laser spine surgery is an endoscopic solution that has successfully replaced the conventional procedures of spinal fusion surgeries. Now the surgeons are able to eliminate herniated discs and bone spurs with the help of powerful laser beams. Laser spine surgery can cure a wide range of spine diseases like sciatica, bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, pinched nerves and facet disease.   

Following are the main benefits of laser spine treatment:-

1)    Besides being able to cure numerous spinal diseases laser spine surgery involves less amount of risk as compared to traditional open back surgery.

2)    If you have suffered pain for many months and years and have not got any relief through acupuncture and massage then you can consider the merits of laser spine surgery. This is a quick and very effective medical procedure that has least risk and gives fast recovery. Many patients have felt fast relief and have recuperated within less than two weeks after undergoing laser spine surgery.

3)    Laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive surgery as compared to traditional back surgery. On the other hand traditional back surgery needs the use of general anesthesia; on the other hand laser spine surgery does not need the use of such anesthesia. It means that the risks and complexities by using general anesthesia is zero in the operation of a laser spine surgery.

4)    Laser spine surgery is very much less invasive as compared to conventional surgical procedures. It is done on the basis of being an outpatient procedure. It involves making a fewer incisions thus you will experienced a less recovery time with less amount of pain after undergoing the surgical procedure of laser spine. This surgery improves the overall quality of health and life.

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