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Liposuction in Delhi –Importance of performing it safely!

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures.  A large number of people spread across the globe prefer it for several reasons. Although it is a beautifying procedure, it is important for you to know that is surgical one too. It should be performed only by well--trained, experienced and expert surgeon.  In the recent years, some spas have added liposuction as a service along with several other services such as massages, manicures. When done correctly, it can offer quick recovery too. In order to experience fruits from liposuction in Delhi, make sure that you look for a board certified and experienced surgeon, who has been performing it for last many years. 

Although the entire stuff might sound nice, remember that liposuction, when done in spa, is not at all safe procedure. It should always be performed in a liposuction clinic or in a hospital. In all possibilities, the liposuction clinic or hospital should be accredited and surgeon be board certified in performing cosmetic surgery procedures. In addition, he should also have hands-on training in performing liposuction procedure.   

Often it happens that people get swayed away with low-cost procedures without even thinking of consequences that can come along. if liposuction is not performed correctly then its consequences can be more costly, both on your health and pocket. If you choose an untrained and uncertified doctor or professional for performing this surgery, you run the risk of the following:

  • Scarring on the body and face
  • Infection
  • Unnatural body contours
  • Allergic reactions or complications from local anesthesia
  • Wrinkling or dimpling of the skin on the area where liposuction is performed
  • Injury from removing fat cells

Reasons for the risk

It is important for you to know that liposuction can be one of the safest cosmetic surgery procedures as long as it is performed aptly. When done by an experienced and trained surgeon, liposuction in Delhi can leave you with much better body with minimal scarring as well as less than one percent chance of complications. So, the best way to ensure that surgery is performed safely is to look for the best liposuction clinic in Delhi.


Vaser liposuction

There are different types of liposuction techniques. However the most advanced and preferred by surgeons is vaser liposuction in south Delhi. It is a minimally invasive as well as simple procedure which can be done at a hospital or cosmetic surgery. It is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, and it is only in some cases that a patient is required to stay at hospital.  It is done under general anesthesia.

During this procedure, ultrasound energy is used for treating unwanted and excess fat deposits, loosening the cells from other tissues so that they can be removed gently using a small tube. Duration of the procedure depends on the number of areas to be treated. Patients who undergo vaser liposuction in India have to wear compression garments so that skin can contract smoothly to the new body contours. Surgeon recommends rest for twelve hours followed by three to four weeks of general recovery and avoid strenuous activities as recommended by the surgeon.

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